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Canada sends 285k tourists to Cuba in first 60 days of 2013

Posted April 08, 2013 by publisher in Cuba Travel.


Canada is by far the country sending the most tourists to Cuba.

In just January and February, 284,654 Canadian vacationers went to Cuba.

Canada is followed by Germany with less than 10% of the amount of Canadian tourists at just 23,268 people.  France, the UK, Argentina and Italy each had about 20,000 visitors to Cuba.

Followed by Russia (15,660 travelers), Mexico (11,801), Chile (9,833), Spain (9,005), Venezuela (6,448), the Netherlands (5,897) and Austria (4,431).

By months, 292,634 tourists visited Cuba in January and 300,595 arrived on the island-nation in February, being this the best two-month period since 2008.

It is worth noting that Cuba’s tourist industry received 2,838,607 foreign vacationers in 2012, a record for a year in the country.

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