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OFAC adds 18 new Cuba service providers

Posted September 06, 2012 by publisher in Cuba Travel.

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

Although OFAC has stalled (maybe even stopped) renewing people to people licenses to Cuba tour operators, OFAC has been busy authorizing new travel service providers.

With today’s update of all currently authorized Carrier Service Providers, Travel Service Providers, and Remittance Forwarders, there are almost 400 Cuba travel service providers.

RF = Remittance Forwarder
TSP = Travel Service Provider
CSP = Carrier Service Provider

Newly Authorized

Cuba Linda Services, Corp. - TSP
Cuba Tours Envios Inc. - New Authorization Added RF
CubaXpress, LLC - TSP
DECM Multi Services, Corp.  - TSP, RF
G&Y Services, Inc. - TSP
La Pinarena Travel, Inc.  - TSP
Las Americas Travel, Cargo and Courier, LLC - TSP
LB Travel & Services, Corp.  - TSP
Malecon Express Services, Inc. - TSP
Mi Habana C.V. Multiservices, Corp. - TSP
Ocean Export Travel, Inc.  - TSP
Panacaribbean Travel, Inc.  - TSP
Pegazul Travel, Inc.  - TSP
Suarez Fashion, Corp.  - TSP
The Falls Travel Agency, Inc.  - TSP
Tropi-Cuba Travel Services Corp.  - TSP
Turismo Tony Perez, Inc. - CSP, TSP
Villa Cuba Travel, Corp.  - TSP

No Longer Authorized

A Aires D’Cuba Inc.
Atenas de Cuba Travel Incorporated as Monivero Corp.
Cachita Travel Inc.
DFL Services, LLC
Havana Travel Agency LLC
Immigration Services Express, LLC
L.V’Services & Travel Agency, Inc.
Wajiro Travel Incorporated as Golden Travel & Leisure, LLC

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