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Cuba service providers expanding with branch openings

Posted November 18, 2011 by publisher in Cuba Travel.

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

The US Treasury has just released a routine update of the list of Cuba Service Providers (pdf) consisting of Cuba Travel and Carrier Service Providers and Remittance Forwarders.

The most notable updates were branch openings.

Branch Openings

Aspa Travel Inc.

Common Ground Education & Travel Services (branch opened in Hollywood Florida)

Blasa Mana Corp.

Cuba Todo, Inc.

La Giraldilla Travel & Services, Corp.

Mambo King, Inc. (d/b/a Cuba Advantage, Advantage Travel, Advantage Income Tax Service)

Cubava Travel & Services

C T S Charters Incorporated as Cuba Travel Services, Inc.

Hernandez Noa Travel Service Incorporated as Cuban American Travel & Services

Porvenir Travel, Inc.

Costamar Travel Cruise & Tours, Inc.

Cuba Service Provider Name Changes

Acapulco Travel & Tours Inc. changed their name to Americas Cuba Travel Agency

Cubita La Bella Service, Inc. changed their name to Cuba La Bella Services, Inc.

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A good number of Cuba service providers are opening new branches and that means they are expanding and probably hiring new employees.

Lift the Embargo = more American jobs!

Don’t let the selfish old exiles in Miami hold back job creation.

Member Comments

On December 21, 2011, publisher wrote:

Today’s update lists the following Travel Service Providers opening new branches:

Bridge2Cuba Incorporated as C & T Charters, Inc.

Caribbean Family & Travel Services, Inc.

Caribe Express Associates Incorporated as Caribe Express, Inc.

La Cubanita Travel & Tax Services Incorporated as Paradise International Travel & Electronics, Inc.

Blasa Mana Corp.

Paradise International, Inc.

and we congratulate AirTran for receiving approval as a licensed Carrier Service Provider AND Travel Service Provider.