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Study Spanish before you travel to Cuba

Posted January 10, 2009 by publisher in Cuba Travel.

Studying the Spanish language is all about immersion and Spanish courses in Cuba revolve around this very concept. Immerse yourself in the language, spoken in a native context, and achieve the best progress conversing with a local family in a home stay program or just settle for immersing yourself in the vivid blue Caribbean waters of this stunning island!

It’s your pick when it comes to Spanish courses in Cuba!

A study abroad program is a valuable way to gain a lived experience of a language, while discovering all about a new culture at the same time. Taking a moment to find out more about Cuban culture and way of life is the chance of a lifetime, and studying Spanish in Cuba will create a whole host of fond memories that you’ll treasure for an eternity.

Yet where to study in Cuba? For some, the best courses are those in the vicinity of the white sands and palm-fringed beaches of Varadero and Playas del
Este, but for others, being this close to paradise isn’t conducive to a lot of study! Yet it’s all part of the process of discovery, just like taking a walk on the wild side through the lush scenery of Isla de la Juventud.

If you’re looking for the most prestigious Spanish schools in Cuba, then the two largest cities, Havana, the capital, and Santiago de Cuba are your best bets. The range of both education and accommodation options is broad in both these cities. However, another popular choice for students in studying Spanish in the famous World Heritage listed city of Trinidad, on Cuba’s southern coast.

There’s plenty on offer for student seeking a little more than to learn Spanish in Spain. Latin America beckons with quality Spanish tuition available throughout many towns and cities, from Spanish lessons Mexico to Spanish lessons in Chile or Argentina. Many Central American countries offer a prime location nestled in between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Study Spanish Costa Rica for a new lease on life and an enviable introduction to the Spanish language.

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