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Today Show with Matt Lauer to broadcast live from Cuba Tuesday June 5 2007

Posted May 30, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Travel.

Matt Lauer and NBC’s “Today” show will broadcast live from Cuba next Tuesday to report on the political and economic climate there.

Although Lauer is a frequent round-the-world traveler for “Today,” it took 18 months to arrange the visit to a country only 90 miles from the United States, said Jim Bell, the show’s executive producer. Bell used his ability to speak Spanish in the negotiations.

“It’s always timely to go to Cuba,” Bell said. “There’s always news there. Being there is news in itself.”

There is no expectation NBC will interview ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who has not been seen in public for 10 months, or his brother Raul, who has been running the country, Bell said.

Besides examining Cuba’s political future, “Today” plans stories on the impact of the U.S. embargo on both countries.

Member Comments

On June 04, 2007, publisher wrote:

Here is the home page for the TODAY show

On June 05, 2007, abh wrote:

I was only able to catch a second of the show this morning before work, but I heard them say that Fidel was expected to address the Cuban people tonight.  Did anyone else hear this?  I was definitely surprised when I heard it.

On June 05, 2007, publisher wrote:

He had an interview with the Mesa Redonda yesterday and they are supposed to air it tonight.

They showed a clip yesterday. Fidel is a VERY old many who appears to have trouble speaking.

So, I wouldn’t say that he is “addressing” the Cuban people but we’ll have to wait and see what he says in the interview.

On June 05, 2007, William Lord wrote:

Dear Matt and all the staff at NBC,

I live in Miami, and the awareness of the harm Castro has done to families here is much higher than anywhere else in the USA. It is appalling how ignorant the rest of America is.

In the Today Show this AM, the woman with Matt in Havana referred with distain to “the retoric of Miami Cubans”.  She shows her ignorance of totalitarianism and the Cuban application of systematic separation of families.

If, on my whim, I took Matt’s father and put him in jail for 27 years, taking him away from Matt from the age 10 to age 37, Matt would think I was unfair to have ruined his family. This woman would call his criticism of me “rhetoric”.

It is truly disgusting to listen to you ignorant apologists of the vile system with which Castro and his henchmen have crushed the Cuban people. They have enslaved everyone, and they continue to do it. It is stupid for you to waltz into Cuba and gloss over the facts.

I am ashamed of you. You have forgotten what freedom means and what it takes to preserve it. You are not worthy of the patriots who gave their lives preserved your freedoms.

Intellectually you are weak, and without a thought you show off your bright smiles in a country where they now import sugar, the army makes all the money, the girls are prostitutes, and the city of Havana is falling down.

Get real, and get educated. What a bunch of meatheads you are.

William Lord
Coconut Grove

On June 05, 2007, publisher wrote:


You are entitled to speak your mind here but as Publisher of this Havana Journal, I would like to congratulate Matt Lauer on a job well done.

I thought the show was upbeat and he was a good guest in his host country. He was not there to change the world, only to report on the good things in Cuba.

Don’t worry, no one was fooled by the Cubans who spoke but I give them credit for putting their own spin on life in Cuba.

On June 05, 2007, publisher wrote:

All the failed Plan A Embargo supporters are all fired up because someone went to Cuba and did a positive story on Cuba.

You think that showing Cubans in a positive light would be good for the Cuban exiles but no, they are blinded but their culture of hatred.

On June 06, 2007, MiamiCuban wrote:

I think the spin that Miami Cubans put on things is often exaggerated or distorted.  I’ve personally met some of those who are full of hatred and often the reason they’re so resentful is because of the years they spent in prison or because of a relative who was killed during the revolution.  I can understand the hurt and the pain…and killing another human being is wrong no matter what the circumstances….but many of these exiles who are forever playing the victims are often guilty themselves of countless horrors.  Many of those who were either imprisoned or sent to the firing squad got in that situation in the first place because they, too, killed and/or tortured others.  It’s a vicious cycle, and one that needs to end now.  In Cuba there are countless families who lost loved ones at the hands of the exiles and Batista’s soldiers, but they’ve managed to go on with their lives without constantly dredging up the past or holding resentment for decades.