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Award winning travel author Christopher Baker joins Havana Journal as Advisor

Posted January 31, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Travel.

We are very pleased to announce that Christopher P. Baker, world renowned travel author has joined the Havana Journal in the capacity of Advisor.

Chris will share his many years of travel experience with Havana Journal readers. His extensive knowledge of the Cuban culture and geography of the country will benefit all readers of the Havana journal.

We have already strongly recommended his CUBA travel guide from MOON handbooks.

He recently published “Mi Moto Fidel” where he shares his travels over three months and 7,008 miles from the streets of Havana to old Caribbean colonial outposts and rugged mountain tracts. Chris’ intriguing account of his three-month romp through Cuba on a fire-engine red motorcycle is perhaps the most thorough portrait of this faded Communist country to date. Check it out

Chris is always busy when he visits Cuba. He has also photographed hundreds of classic American cars in Cuba and published the coffee table book “Cuba Classics”.

You’ll find Model-T Fords and 1940s era Buick Roadmasters to 1950s Edsel Citations and Chevrolet Impalas with fins sharp enough to draw blood.

Written in the lively, engaging style that has won the author numerous literary awards, Cuba Classics draws upon memoirs, museum records, personal interviews, and Cuba’s own dusty archives. Also available at

You can also read more about Chris and his books at his own website

Member Comments

On January 31, 2007, MiamiCuban wrote:

That’s fascinating!  I’m looking forward to reading Mr. Baker’s comments regarding Cuba and his travels. 

What is exactly is the nature of “advisor” for Havana Journal?

On January 31, 2007, publisher wrote:


Thanks for your post and thanks for asking. We have devoted more time lately to adding features to the Havana Journal, building out various Cuba web projects and general business development for the Havana Journal.

I was recently introduced to Chris by his publisher. After a great phone conversation we knew that we wanted to work together more so I invited him to be an Advisor. Although I don’t have an exact description for the position, I would say that it is someone that is a known expert on Cuba and someone that wants to contribute their expertise to the Havana Journal.

I have not invited regular contributors such as yourself for advice or expertise yet since I am just starting to work on this business development.

I hope to broaden my network of experts and Advisors in the near future but still working on building out features here.

On January 31, 2007, MiamiCuban wrote:

Publisher, sounds like an excellent plan.  The more voices, the more we can learn and debate.  Thank you for providing this arena.

On January 31, 2007, publisher wrote:

Thanks for your patience as we make the “arena” bigger and better. Once everything is built then we’ll hire the staff, schedule the events, invite the Players then bring in the audience. Guayaberas instead of uniforms, mojitos instead of beer…I like your “arena” analogy. grin