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South Florida Cuba travel agency La Estrella de Cuba closed by US Treasury

Posted January 30, 2006 by publisher in Cuba Travel.

A South Florida travel agency has become the target of a U.S. crackdown on illegal travel to Cuba.

The U.S. treasury department has closed down and suspended the license of La Estrella de Cuba, which is one of the biggest Cuba travel agencies in the country, NBC 6 reported.

The Bush administration tightened travel restrictions to the island in 2004, arguing that travel to Cuba benefits the communist regime financially.

Authorities in Washington are now enforcing the restrictions more aggressively.

Critics of the crackdown say it could prompt Fidel Castro to cut off direct flights from the U.S., NBC 6 reported.


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Member Comments

On September 04, 2006, Roger Rashman wrote:

I am a citizen of the United States.  If I choose to fly to & from Cuba from Mexico,
and stay for several days at a luxury hotel in Havana, are there any possibilities that harm could come to us or any good reason why we should not go.
Roger Rashman       Phone (818) 344-8810.

On September 04, 2006, publisher wrote:

Doesn’t matter how you get there, Americans cannot spend money in Cuba. That’s the law. You could be fined by US Treasury OFAC.

As far as the Cuba side, you will have a great time and they will stamp your visa and not your passport.