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Smartest City in America - Havana travel advertisement from 1929

Posted August 31, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Travel.

Forests of Palms - Interior Cuba

SATISFYINGLY foreign — unspoiled—these centuries-old
surroundings for your winter of modern gayeties!

Havana is so near at hand—so easily reached—that no
American need suppress his desire for foreign travel.

Here is a city that’s foreign in every respect:

foreign as no other city is, for here is the dash and verve of Paris—sports and pastimes of the Riviera — liberties of Monte Carlo—languorous peacefulness of the tropics—with the ancient cathedrals, slumbering plazas, grey-walled battlements and gorgeous castles of Colonial Spain as a back-ground! śLovers of the fine arts find much to study and admire in Cuba’s architecture, music, paintings and customs. Hundreds of miles of motor highways disclose an awe-inspiring panorama of unrivalled scenery: palm-covered mountains, groves of strange tropical fruits, sugar and coffee plantations and tobacco fields; ancient colonial towns that proudly bear the scars of Spanish rule and pirate raids! Havana is the sports and social rendezvous of two continents. Modern tourist accommodations—every facility for your entertainment.

Make your plans now, to visit the Smartest City in America.

For information—Any Cuban consulate, any travel agency or the Cuban National Tourist Commission, Havana.

This was from the National Geographic Magazine,
December 1929.


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