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Cayo Levisa Promotes Scuba Diving and Nature Tourism

Posted November 29, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Travel.


Cayo Levisa, in western Pinar del Río province, is boosting the development of nature tourism.

With that goal in mind, experts are carrying out a research to learn about animal species and their evolution, as well as the influence of fishing in their development.

Thousands of vacationers visit Cayo Levisa every year, mainly from France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain and Italy.

Cayo Levisa is surrounded by one of the most beautiful sea bottoms in the Cuban archipelago, due to the existence of a wide range of coral formations.

The seascape in Cayo Levisa’s 23 diving sites changes according to depth, and divers can enjoy big flat corals that are up to 10 meters in diameter, making up a singular marine architecture.

Generally, the reefs are populated by black coral, gorgonians and tubular sponges. The most attractive sites are La Espada del Pirata (The Pirate’s Sword), Infierno (Inferno) and Cadena Misteriosa (Mysterious Chain), whose coral strip gets under the sand in its final portion.

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