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Vintage Gay Havana Cuba brochure

Posted July 28, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Travel.

The meaning has certainly changed over the years.


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On August 10, 2004, Armando wrote:

We the cubans must to be estudies and scientifics and do like the mother naturale that its made evry things in its plases.
For exemple it put a galaxy and create a Sun and a planet for
the Universal Space it put a moon and on the Earth she put the men to do what he want to do,and the men in Cuba made a politic
party, Comunism, now the others men have to do a new Party it have to be for the good of others and that new Party must to be.
The SOCIALIST PARTY, to change ligal and into the Constitutions
of the Socialist Constitution, Paya and his moviment of Varela is who must to do this REVOLUTIONARY changes, APS.Movimiento Socialista por la patria Cubana.