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New Nautical Facility in Cuba near Maria La Gorda

Posted July 20, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Travel.


The Gaviota Los Morros de Piedra Marina, in Cuba’s westernmost tip, has begun servicing the boats sailing in the region.

The facility provides such services as medical care and car rentals, and eight cabins will be completed soon to accommodate visitors who decide to stay overnight.

According to experts, these kinds of facilities provide new options to the thousands of boats sailing near Cuba’s coasts every year.

In addition to the Gaviota Los Morros de Piedra Marina, another 11 marinas operate on the Caribbean Island, including two in the Cuban capital, three in the coastal resort of Varadero and the rest in the central and western regions.

Just one kilometer away from the marina is Las Tumbas, which boasts one of the best-preserved dunes on the Cuban archipelago, and features anchors, cannons and other remains of ships sunken by corsairs and pirates who used to sail in the region centuries ago.

Another attraction is the Maria la Gorda Diving Center (with more than 50 rooms), an ideal place to enjoy the natural treasures that lay underwater.

Member Comments

On January 10, 2009, norman dube wrote:

Does the Gaviota Los Morros marina have fresh water Diesel and Gasoline?do anyone know the current market price?

On January 11, 2009, sailor wrote:

The “marina” Gaviota Los Morros has fuel and water. However it is not what we would consider a marina. It is an old commercial cement pier, it has room for two yachts on the west side and maybe two on the east side. It is the worst possible place on the north coast for a marina. It is totally exposed to the north and the east side of the pier is untenable in easterly winds of over 15 knots.
If at the pier and northerly winds are forecast you MUST get the few miles back to Cayo De Lena for a safe anchorage. However during settled conditions there are some new shoreside facilities- nice bar and restaurant Fuel prices are fairly uniform all over Cuba and run about 20% higher than the U.S.
Don Barr