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The list of new U.S. government restrictions on Cuban Americans

Posted July 05, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Travel.


New U.S. rules take effect Wednesday for U.S. residents visiting and making cash remittances to Cuba:
CASH REMITTANCES: Up to $300 per quarter can be sent to relatives in Cuba, but now limited to immediate family: children, spouses, siblings, parents, grandparents, grandchildren. No longer allowed for cousins, aunts, uncles. No money may be sent to government or Communist Party officials.
VISITS TO CUBA: Travelers limited to 44 pounds in luggage and $300 in cash, down from previous $3,000. May spend only $50 a day in Cuba, down from $167. Visits limited to 14, compared to previous no limit.
PURCHASES: Travelers cannot bring back merchandise acquired in Cuba, except for informational materials such as books. Previous rules allowed $100 in total purchases for personal use.
EDUCATIONAL VISITS: Now must last at least 10 weeks, although college employees and graduate students doing independent research can stay shorter periods. High school students no longer allowed to study in Cuba.
“FULLY HOSTED” TRAVEL: Now barred. That category previously let U.S. citizens visit if they could prove they did not spend any money while in Cuba.

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