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Pinar del Rio chosen by Rumbos to promote nature tourism in Cuba

Posted February 16, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Travel.

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Havana.- The recreation and tourism group Rumbos S.A. is betting on the diversification of its offers in western Pinar del Río province, making emphasis on nature options.

The company will prioritize those programs in Cuba’s westernmost province, considering the region’s biological wealth and beautiful landscapes.

As part of the project, visitors will have the chance to fish marine and freshwater species in the San Felipe keys and the Cuyaguateje hydraulic complex, while San Vicente will be the ideal place for bird watchers.

Located in Vinales Valley, which was declared a World Cultural Landscape by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and is a major tourist destination in the province, the trail is five kilometers long and is inhabited by 30 cataloged species, of which 13 are endemic.

Rumbos S.A. will also expand its nautical offers, including an excursion to Cayo Jutia, off Pinar del Río’s north coast, a tour on motorcycle, and the circumnavigation of Cayo Megano.

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Can you tell me where to find the homepage or an e-mailadress from Rumbos s.a.? If not available a phonenumber would do as well.
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