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Jardines del Rey’s Airport Expands Operations

Posted January 19, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Travel.


Havana.- The international airport in Jardines del Rey, a fast-growing tourist destination in northeastern Cuba, receives 25 international flights a week.

Local tourism authorities pointed out that the airport receives over 4,000 travelers a week who stay in hotels in Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo.
They added that 75 percent of arrivals come from Canada, mainly from Montreal and Toronto, while other airlines operate from London, Manchester, Germany and Italy.

The top tour operators sending vacationers to Jardines del Rey are TMR, Vacance-Transat, Albaturs and Thomas Cook, while the major airlines are Air Canada, Sky Service, Air Transat and Jets-go.

The airport also receives domestic flights operated by Aerocaribbean and Gaviota and carrying vacationers from and to other Cuban destinations.
The inauguration of Cuba’s 11th international airport allowed reducing the distance between another air terminal and the hotels in Ciego de Avila’s northern keys by nearly 100 kilometers.

Member Comments

On February 12, 2004, Karen Myers wrote:

Are there car rentals at jardines Del Rey airport?  I do not want to stay on a resort but want to be in the area of Ciego de Avila and this is the closest airport but cannot find out if there are car rentals.

On June 27, 2004, Deborah Robinson wrote:

Me and my husband are coming to cuba on the 7th of July 2004. We have booked our flights & hotel. We would like to know what is the best way to get a flight from Jard D Ray international Airport, to Havana.

As we would like to try get in to Havana for two nights, then back to our hotel in Cayo Guillermo.


On October 24, 2004, john lunt wrote:

is it easy t get to havana from ,cayo gullimero .if you can help thanks ,going to cuba 27 /10/04

On May 08, 2005, Margaret K wrote:

I will be coming to Cuba 14th July for a holiday and I am staying at Cayo Guillermo and would like to travel to Havana for about 3 days. Can you please tell me how long it will take to get to the Airport from my location and what is the name of the Airport I need to travel too to get to Havana?

Many thanks


On July 11, 2005, ALW wrote:

Hello, my son is in Cuba at the moment.  He travelled with a choir group who were performing in Santiago at the ‘Festival of Fire’.  I have not heard from him and have no way of contacting him since Hurricane Dennis.  He was scheduled to leave Havana 11 July at 1645 hrs.  Does anyone know any way I can confirm he boards that flight.

Many, many thanks, Ann Whitaker (worried mother)

On January 16, 2006, wrote:

can anyone help a UK student? im doing research for my masters degree on urban agriculture (growing food in cities) and would like some contacts in havana for research i could do on the food growing situation there .will be in cayo guillermo from the 19th feb and could travel to havana any time after the 24th feb.

i know that the travel question has been asked above but i cant find the answer…is it easy to travel from cayo guillermo to havana and back. i think we are staying on a resort called melia guillermo.

thanks mrmikey