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More US Travelers Visit Cuba

Posted October 13, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Travel.


Havana.- The company Havanatur has reported an average increase of 61 percent in tourist arrivals from the United States over the past five years.
Havanatur executives pointed out that since 1999 to date, flights from US territory have steadily increased by 38 percent a year.

As part of the company’s strategy to meet the demand from the US market, Havanatur opened new offices in Havana to represent the firms Celimar, and Tour and Travel.

The former has specialized in bringing US travelers to the largest Antillean Island.

The US Department of Treasury has banned US citizens from traveling to Cuba, as part of economic restrictive measures imposed on the Caribbean island for several decades.

However, more US travelers visit Cuba through third countries every year and in some cases, they take part in organized trips to learn about Cuba’s situation.

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