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DTC News.- Ciego de Avila’s Fishing Activity Grows

Posted July 14, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Travel.

Havana.- The fishing plan in Cuba’s eastern Ciego de Avila province was overachieved at 103 percent.

According to preliminary figures, 400 tons of tench and carp have been captured, thanks to measures taken by the fishing sector to increase production.

Experts’ effort to increase production of fries and the work in coastal lagoons also led to a rise in industrial production, which grew twofold from January to June, compared to the same period five years ago.

Add to this that losses for this year, which were estimated at 100,000 pesos, were replaced by profits for the company and the possibility of expanding plans and improving techniques.

In barely six months, the fresh water fishing industry in Ciego de Avila has become more efficient technologically due to its quality standards, and new working methods will allow overachieving this year’s production plan of 1,100 tons of fish.

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