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DTC News.- Villa Clara Reports Substantial Growth in Tourist Arrivals

Posted July 07, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Travel.

Havana.- Tourist arrivals in central Villa Clara province have shown a dynamic growth during the first semester of 2003, compared to the same period last year.

According to preliminary figures, from January to June 27, over 38,000 vacationers visited Villa Clara, accounting for an increase of 46 percent.
Villa Clara, where the leisure industry has developed considerably over the past few years, nearly doubled revenues in May 2003, compared to the same period last year. The province also reported a six-cent drop per dollar in costs during the same month.

According to experts, the inauguration of the Sol Santa María hotel, in the northeastern keys off Villa Clara, influenced positively on these good results.

Villa Clara´s major sources of vacationers are Canada, France, Italy and Germany, whose nationals have benefited from international flights to and from Santa Clara´s Abel Santamaría International Airport.

Vacationers can enjoy several optional tours that take advantage of the exuberant nature of the Escambray mountain range, and Remedios and Santa Clara´s culture and history.

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