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DTC News.- Sierra Mar Hotel Contributes to Protecting the Environmental

Posted June 03, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Travel.

Havana.- The Brisas Sierra Mar-Los Galeones Hotel, in eastern Santiago de Cuba province, is a candidate for the ecological certificate for contributing to preserving the environment.

According to experts, the hotel has carried out projects to take maximum advantage from ecotourism, in addition to promoting options in which vacationers can learn about the cultural attractions and biodiversity of Cuba’s countryside.

In that regard, guests enjoy excursions, walks, treks, bird watching and other recreational activities, in which they can observe the region’s exuberant vegetation and autochthonous fauna.

Moreover, the hotel is near 25 diving sites, where vacationers can visit the remains of the Spanish fleet sunken off Santiago de Cuba in the 19th century.

Ecological food has been warmly welcomed by guests, thanks to a restaurant serving fresh vegetables cultivated with the use of organic fertilizers near the hotel.

At the beach, guests can taste delicious dishes from Cuban cuisine, including roasted pork, coffee and “guarapo” (sugarcane juice).

Member Comments

On March 31, 2009, Dr. Karine Langley wrote:

This is a wonderful resort that is eco friendly. I was most impressed with the gardens and the fresh vegetables. In addition, during a dive, the dive instructor took the time to remove fishing line from the coral reefs. This is something I usually do and in all my years of diving, it is the first time I have seen a local diver do something like this.

Kudos to this place.