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Varedero, read before you travel to Cuba

Posted May 27, 2003 by I-love cuba in Cuba Travel.

The summer is dawning, and youve decided that the two of you must get away for the winter, as you cant afford to jet of whislt the majority of the sunworshipers are soaking up the rays in the costa del sol. ” we’ll go in the winter, when its ‘cheaper’, not so many crowded beaches, more time to ourselves” the husband whispers over a morning coffee in bed…

.. once in the agents hands however things change, and after 6 cups of complemantory instant hot chocolate, and the promising smile from the man sitting next to you that he’ll do all the wahing up for the next year, you find yourself signing a document promising the sum of 2000.00, to Lunpolly for an ultra all inclusive holday, with Sandals and Beaches to Varedro, Cuba!

Three weeks later, after wahing-up from last nights dinner you open the moring post, only to find that lunpolly have written to you saying that there are building works going on 20 metres away form your dream holiday, along with promise you that your holiday will not be effected!

I tell you, people, do not let this happen to you! Beaches Vardero, Cuba, is- in my book- an expensive place to visit, considering we apparntly coudnt afford the summer sun. Before you book, remember the biuilding works, and stay well clear.

ive moved a mile up the road, and im having to pay an exta 500.00 pounds to do so, better still stay away form Sandals altogether!

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