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Where to eat in Havana

Posted March 18, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Travel.


Most towns have at least a cafe catering to tourists, offering basic sandwiches, fries, beer, etc. And many have more extensive restaurants. Chicken, often fried, and pork, top most menus. Rice with black beans is common. Finding a green vegetable becomes a challenge. Most casa particulars, such as the one listed above, serve home-cooked meals. If you’ve tired of Cuban food after a week or more in the country, stop by what is considered by many to be Havana’s best restaurant:

Paladar La Guarida
Calle Concordia 418
Famous as the setting for the film “Fresa y Chocolate,” the restaurant serves everything from seviche to rabbit lasagna. Appetizers: $4-6. Main courses: $11-$13.

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