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Where to stay in Cuba

Posted March 18, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Travel.

Often, even in Havana and other big cities, the best bet is a “casa particular,” a bed-and-breakfast licensed by the government. Facilities are often nicer than hotels, home-cooked meals better than restaurants; and both are cheaper than the alternative.

Hotel Inglaterra
Prado 416
A classic set on the edge of old Havana. Rooms $80-$150.

Hotel Telegrafico
Prado 408
A renovated hotel down the block from the Inglaterra with all the modern fashion the Inglaterra lacks. Rooms $80-$200.

Hotel Colon
Republica 472
Call Islazul, Cuban tour agency, in the United States at 800-645-1179
A beautifully preserved colonial hotel with high ceilings and fine, cheap cigars. Rooms: $21 a night.

Casa Particular
Operated in the home of Ana Perez Martinez
Calle Serafin Garcia 74
Santa Clara
A tidy apartment with two rooms and a balcony overlooking a bustling side street. Room: $20 a night. Home-cooked dinner: $8-$10.

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