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Positive Signs in Pleasure Cruising in Cuba

Posted March 12, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Travel.

Havana.- Pleasure cruising in Cuba has shown positive signs so far this year, when several boats have docked on the largest Antillean Island, bringing thousands of vacationers.

In the first few days of March, the Sierra Maestra Cruiser Terminal, in the Cuban capital, received the German boat A’Rosa Blu - the largest ship of its kind that has docked in Cuba - and the Sunbird, from Great Britain.

A’Rosa Blu, a 70,000-ton, 260-meter-long ship that belongs to the German chain Seetours, docks in Cuba every 15 days.
The Sunbird, run by the British company Sun Cruises, arrives at Havana’s terminal every 21 days.

The port of Santiago de Cuba, in the eastern region, received the Mistral, which belongs to the Italian firm Festival, as part of a program that includes a visit to that city every week.

Eight cruises - including five boats on regular itineraries - will dock in Cuba 165 times this year, including 57 visits to the Bay of Havana, carrying 86,000 vacationers, compared to 45,000 tourists in 2002.

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