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Posted January 21, 2005 by YoungCuban in US Tourism to Cuba

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March 15, History In The Making

March 15, 2005 may very well be a date to remember for years to come.
A staged protest against US travel restrictions to Cuba is to take place in the streets of Havana,Cuba, with many Cuban Americans and Americans alike risking the possibility of fines for traveling to Cuba on March 15,2005 to attend the “Freedom To Travel To Cuba” protest.
Also, rumors have been building that the YUCA’s and YUCA supporters have been planning a massive exit to Cuba on a seperate date, it is said that over 500 YUCA supporters are to exit the US by any means possible,through 3rd country flights and even private water vessels.
“They cannot stop us all” said YUCA leader
“We do not mean to disrespect US laws,but something drastic must be done in order to open the minds and eyes of the world,to us it is more disrespectful to tell us when we can and cannot visit our family in Cuba, who gave the power of God to president Bush?” said an irrate 21 year old University Of Miami student who has not been able to visit her parents in Cuba for two years under the new restrictions.

Both protests are supposivly taking place on two different dates, but rumor has it that the YUCA’s may very well jump on board for the March 15th protest.
The YUCA’s claim that their efforts to gain local and national media exposure were blocked during the elections back in Novemeber 2004 but promise to make world wide headlines in the near future.
“We are going to invite the press,print and braodcast media alike,this time we will not be ignored as we set sail for Cuba” said YUCA leader.

  1. Follow up post #1 added on January 21, 2005 by Cubana with 282 total posts

    Totally agree with your campaign. Hwoever, while you are there could you also protest against the Cuban government’ requirement that Cubans who want to travel to all other countries (not just the US) have to get the Cuban government’ permission to do so, even if they have a valid visa.

  2. Follow up post #2 added on January 21, 2005 by YoungCuban with 409 total posts

    While I understand where you’re coming from,it is up to the Cuban people to protest against their own government.

    People seem to be missing the point on this issue, it is’nt about the Cuban government,it has to do with being an American citizen who’ constitution states we are free to travel,it does not state free to travel but not to etc.

    It also has to do with the seperation of family that has been going on and controled by the US government,we are protesting all of this,but it is up to the Cuban people to protest against their own government,as we are doing against our government.

    And before you mention how Cubans are to scared to organize such a protest I have a few words to say “They cant stop them all”!

  3. Follow up post #3 added on January 21, 2005 by Cubana with 282 total posts

    I was going to mention that the Cubans are too scared to protest because that is the truth. It is fine for us to campaign against a wrong that the US government is perpetuating but the Cuban people do not have the luxury of living in a democracy. It is up to us free people to protest on their behalf.

  4. Follow up post #4 added on January 21, 2005 by YoungCuban with 409 total posts

    I beg to differ, history has shown us when a country and it’ government has not done right by it’ people.the people themselves have stood against their country and in most cases have won what they were fighting for.

    Now think about this,while there are some problems with the Cuban government, don’t you think it is possible that the Cuban people do not find their government as bad as it’ been publicized for so long?

    Why hasn’t the people of Cuba stood against their government?

    Scared you say?

    I think not,I feel they see some wrongs with their government but also see many rights and that is why they have tolerated their governments ways for so long.

    To me the only ones that are scared of the Cuban government are those who will do anything to leave Cuba,just to come to the US and talk smack about Cuba.

    Rafters have been called brave,I call them fools.

    I do not and will never agree with any Cuban exile who likes to sip on cafesitos in local cafeterias talking how they would do this and would do that if in cuba,pero cojone por que te fuiste?

    One word,pendejos.

    Now you mean to tell me every Cuban in Cuba are a bunch of pendejos scared of jail terms or death?

    The problem is that whether you like it or not or you do not wan’t to believe it,the Cuban people whether right or wrong do support their governments ways to a certain extent,yes they complain about certain things that perhaps do need to change,but ask any of them if they would ever wan’t to see an American runned Cuba,you’ll love the answer!


  5. Follow up post #5 added on January 21, 2005 by YoungCuban with 409 total posts

    Another thing and think about it for a while to see the reasoning behind my statement.

    The US would never want to see Cuba trading openly with the world,they do not want a totally free from embargo Cuba,unless they control the major money makers of Cuba.

    1. Cuba’ ports would harbor ships that nhow port in Miami and elsewhere,loss of funds to the US.

    2. Cuba if to re-open casinos would destroy Las Vegas,Atlantic City etc,loss of funds to the US.

    3. Cuba with open tourism would destroy the tourism business in Miami and possibly other parts of the US,and not to mention Florida may imply a state tax cause of it if they were to lose tourist dollars by a mere 15% loss,loss of funds to the US.

    Just three examples of how an totally opened Cuba could hurt the US’ economy,I am sure you can think of many other ways how Cuba could hurt the economy in the US.

    Just begin with outsourcing to Cuba.

    Outsourcing and setting up shop in Cuba would hurt the US economy in a very big way,it is as easy to ship out manufacturers products from Cuba then it is from the US,right now they ship back to the US their products from all over Asia and some parts of the Middle East,from Cuba, it’ like being right at home.

    Think about it a bit more,perhaps you can see the sence in it,free Cuba would mean an American ran Cuba,not good for Cubans at all.


  6. Follow up post #6 added on January 21, 2005 by Liberation with 2 total posts

    There are many issues Cuban people have to deal with, day in and day out. I am totally for the U.S, steping in and regulating the amount of U.S. dollars are being spent in Cuba. I feel sooner or later Castro is going to feel if not now, the pain of not having enough money, and the type of struggle his people really feel.But the limitation of seeing our families, I don’t agree with. I guess it’ one way or the other. But that’ my opinion. The only quesion I have is, how can human beings live without the freedom of CHOICE? Not one Cuban will tell you they can. And I guarentee, more then half of Cuba’ population would tell you they don’t have it.

  7. Follow up post #7 added on January 21, 2005 by YoungCuban with 409 total posts

    I dont know how to anwser that question.

    But yet again maybe I do,as we have NO choice here in the US to visit our family in Cuba legally,we have NO choice but to do so illegaly.

    Kind of ironic,don’t you think?

  8. Follow up post #8 added on January 22, 2005 by jesusp with 246 total posts

    There is no question that freedom of the press and political freedoms are and have been practically non-existent in Cuba for many years, however, that is an issue that Cubans have to resolve IN CUBA, our fight here in the U.S. has to be to work for an end to the cruel and ilogical embargo that has been estrangling Cuba for more than 43 years and has not accomplished anything other than hardships to the people in Cuba. Understand this Mr. Bush, you do not have a mandate from God or anyone else to dictate to other countries how they should live or what to believe in. The only thing the embargo has accomplished is to create resentment and anger in Cubans towards the U.S.
    Open the dialogue and change people’ minds with the power of ideas, STOP BEING A BULLY.

  9. Follow up post #9 added on January 22, 2005 by YoungCuban with 409 total posts

    Funny you mention freedom of press,it reminds me of our freedom to protest.

    During the presidential debate here in Miami we YUCA’ stood across the street of the University Of Miami at a shopping centers parking lot holding up our signs,it took all but 10 minutes to be spotted and threatened by the men in black.

    Most YUCA’ got a bit scared and dropped their signs,not I,as the hard head that I am I refused for yet another of my God given rights (right to peaceful protest) to be violated by the croonies we call our government,after continuing to hold up my sign I was escorted away and (get this) fined for peacefully protesting.

    So tell me,where is our so called freedoms?

    Yeah we here in the US have our freedoms,but when you look at your payacheck at the end of the week,guess what that money you give back to the government (taxes) is for? You have to pay for your freedom it isnt FREE!

    I paid over $2000 for excercising my rights,I did not become hostile nor loud,I simply held up a sign and for that I have been questioned,threatened and fined????

    Think you’re free? Think again!

  10. Follow up post #10 added on January 22, 2005 by jesusp with 246 total posts

    I don’t know the circumstances or the reason you were fined, but one thing I can tell you is that there has not been a presidential debate in Cuba for over a half century.

  11. Follow up post #11 added on January 22, 2005 by YoungCuban with 409 total posts

    They justified the fine by saying I did not have a permit to assemble a protest?????

    So in this free country as long as we pay it is okay to protest?

    That doesnt seem so free to me!

  12. Follow up post #12 added on January 24, 2005 by waldo with 264 total posts

    There is no such thing. There is freedom to travel to China, Vietnam, Russia, Saudi Arabia, etc., but not to Cuba.

  13. Follow up post #13 added on January 24, 2005 by cajio with 26 total posts

    You are talking a lot of common American sense, YoungCuban,. But a word of caution: always remember that the Cuban Government has the power. They are the ones who tell you if you can come or go.  It is really easy to be defiant of USA laws, but I would like to see you “break” CUBAN laws. if you live in the USA, “con la boca todo es un mamey”.

    My family in Cuba would love to leave Cuba “illegally ”  (the same way that you an I go to Cuba) through a “gateway” cities like Cancun, Mexico, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas,Republica Dominicana etc…, but shark-infested waters are not the answer).
    YoungCuban, you make a lot sense most of the time, but donít let your emotions interfere with your thinking.

  14. Follow up post #14 added on January 24, 2005 by YoungCuban with 409 total posts

    I was born in the US, and this is the land I would defend to the death (and have defended in the military) but since in this land we have our so called freedoms,I will also defend to the death, my God given rights!

    There is no need for me to break any Cuban laws,I respect them and wouldnt think of it,but at the same time I have no reason to break them,my family is happy living in their country,so I really have no laws to break in Cuba.

    I am very emotional about MY American rights constantly being violated by my government,shouldnt I be?

    I do not live in Cuba nor do I live by Cuban law,but as an American who has the right to protest,talk out loud etc. I will sure as hell yell like a SON OF A BI*** in order to be heard!

    Comes down to NOBODY in my book has the right nor the power to tell me when I can and cannot see my family,and if it means breaking US travel laws,so be it!

    Threaten me,fine me,imprison me,that is nothing compared to imprisoning ones feelings for ones family,it would be a cakewalk and I am prepared for it.

    Famous quote goes “Patria O Muerte”

    I changed it a bit “Familia O Muerte”

  15. Follow up post #15 added on January 24, 2005 by cajio with 26 total posts

    From YoungCuban :“my family is happy living in their country” You know my friend.you have said it all.

  16. Follow up post #16 added on January 24, 2005 by waldo with 264 total posts

    Publisher; nothing is been shown on my computer screen on this article.??

  17. Follow up post #17 added on January 24, 2005 by YoungCuban with 409 total posts

    Was that a sarcastic comment on you part Cajio?

    Is there a problem with someone being happy living in their own country,even if they go through some hard times,it is their country.

    Problem is Cubans are to quick to leave then rather fight for what they feel is right,so if your retort is of a sarcastic nature,perhaps you have said it all.

  18. Follow up post #18 added on February 26, 2005 by CarColombia with 4 total posts

    I’ve traveled to Cuba from Colombia via Bogota- Havana. I found Cuba to be a beautiful country with warm hearted people. I was impress by the honour that was upheld to el Commandante Che Guevara. Che Guevara is a respected figure in my country as well a man who believed in social justice and equality for all Latin Americans. He is held in high regard in Colombia . In Cuba I was amazed how the people spoke about him and how he was an important figure during the revoultion.

  19. Follow up post #19 added on February 26, 2005 by waldo with 264 total posts

    There is NO Freedom to travel to Cuba. There is freedom to travel to China, Vietnan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Lybia, etc, but NOT to Cuba.

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