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Posted October 21, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Vacation

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BY LISANKA GONZALEZ SUAREZ ― Granma International staff writer―

As a result of the sale of the Spanish Pullmantur cruise line to the U.S. Royal Caribbean Cruise Corporation, Cuba has lost $16.89 million since the end of 2006 and 12,300 passengers have been prevented from visiting the island by the blockade

EVERY weekend up until October of 2006, the Holiday Dream anchored at the cruise liner terminal at Cuba’s capital city port as part of its Havana-Cancun-Isle of Youth-Jamaica itinerary. The docks were filled with the joy and music that characterizes the island and the passengers were received with hospitality from its inhabitants.

This all came to a sudden halt however toward the end of 2006 when the U.S. Royal Caribbean Cruise Corporation acquired all ships and aircraft belonging to the Spanish Pullmantur cruise line.


The message was clear for all the young Cubans working as crew members, “Cubans go home.” Chefs, bartenders, room help, waiters… none are eligible to work for a U.S. company whose government has prohibited commercial relations with the country. Two hundred and thirty jobs were lost and some individuals were forced to abandon ship in distant European ports.

The proprietors knew before the sale that the hysteria of the Bush administration would be unleashed against a country that in no way threatens the national security of the United States. The intensification of the blockade’s extraterritorial application was upon them. There is a long record of pressure on cruise companies, limiting their access to U.S. ports, sharpening the issue that first emerged over yachts. Club Med, Gasnaval, Naviera Murueta and others are examples. The long arm of the blockade reached them.

Cuba’s report to the UN General Assembly on Resolution 61/11 explains in one section: “This loss of employment represented a negative impact of $1,923,000 and the suspension of operations by the cruise line Holiday Dreams cost the island 12,375 visiting passengers, a decline in the various service industries linked to tourism and a cancellation of contracted catering services by Pullmantur and Iberworld led to a loss of $16,890,000.”

After the triumph of the Revolution in 1959, the Cuban fleet consisted of 160 vessels, mostly cargo ships, employing 5,000 sailors. During the 1990’s, however, with the disintegration of the socialist camp and the special period, regular repair of the already aging ships was halted, basic materials were lacking, technical difficulties ensued resulting in many ships no longer being seaworthy.

Given this situation, the Cuban merchant marine found itself obliged to initiate a new strategy for its workers, investigating the option of contracting the provision of services with foreign shipping companies, some of which had been done previously.

To that end the Cuban state established SELECMAR Ship Management,

a Transportation Ministry company with the objective of selecting, training, contracting and exporting technical-professional service providers for cruise liners, ferries, yachts, merchant ships, offshore oil platforms and related land operations as well as developing port services such as the management of ships and en-route repairs.



  1. Follow up post #1 added on October 28, 2007 by Yeyo with 411 total posts

    It is true that many jobs had been lost because Cruise companies had been purchased by American corporations.
    However I would like to point that what the article fail to mention is that Cubans working for those cruise companies receive miserable salaries mostly 1/4 of the real salary and never more than half. The other 3/4 - half goes to the Cuban Government agency that arrange the contracts.
    Nobody seems to mention that issue and that gives you an idea how sided are most of the news articles you can read on the media now days.
    Been an ex seaman I have been there and suffered that exploitation before.

  2. Follow up post #2 added on October 28, 2007 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    This article is from Granma, the official newspaper of the Communist run government of Cuba.

    They DO NOT report bad news or anything negative unless it is something they can blame the US for.

    Cuba consulting services

  3. Follow up post #3 added on October 28, 2011 by joserodriguez

    Prezados Jefes de Happy Cruises Y Selecmar

    Su crusero deberia ser llamado el crusero del adulterio. Es una tristesa que una compania Espanola, Que es un pais predominantemente Catolico permita que la imoralida sexual sea una cosa que passe en sus barcos.
    joserodriguezcuba 5 months ago

    Me refiero como me ha llegado a mi directamente de la camarera Yasnay Franca Broche de que el sexo entre Jefes y Camareras (os) y Oficiales y Camareras (os) mismo casados (QUe su pareja este en tierra) es permitido en sus barcos.
    joserodriguezcuba 5 months ago

    Portanto ella misma me ha comentado que un oficial de la India lle aproximo a ella en este ultimo contrato diziendo que se tenia separado de su mujer y la queria a ella para la duracion del contrato. No solo esto ella comento que los camareros tambien tinene sexo con los passageros.
    joserodriguezcuba 5 months ago

    Ademas, los cubanos que trabajan para uds al fin del contrato, entran en cuba con millares de Euros de propinas y talvez ganancias de favores sexuales que nunca los declaran al gobierno cubano. Estes cubanos viven una vida previligiada y se sienten mas poderosos y con direchos de comprar oficiales, medicos y lo que sea para conseguiren sus obejectivos.

    Solo para que sepan que se de lo que yo hablos, Yasnay me ha comentado a mi de varios otras personas que trabajan o han trabajado con ella.
    joserodriguezcuba 5 months ago

    Yo aqui pido que en todo el contrato que sea hecho entre tripulantes, oficiales y Jefes con Happy Cruises, una clausula sea adicionada que sexo entre tripulacion y passageros, entre oficiales y tripulacion, y adulterio sea proibido y las personas acusadas de tal sea automaticamente despedidas de su puesto.

    Lles comento esto porque Yasnay Franca Broche me comento que ha tenido sexo con oficiales y jefes para poder escaparse de varias quejas llevantadas contra ella.

    joserodriguezcuba 5 months ago

    Portanto, ahora espero que los oficiales responsables por Happy Cruises sean responsables suficientes a las familias de essa gente que trabaja en sus barcos y los passageros y que la imoralidad sexual sea banida en sus tripulacion y punida con a pierda de trabajo.

    Es una verguenza que por detras de los videos en Youtube de Happy Cruises, donde la familia es bien venida a sus barcos, exista una grande imoralidad escondida en las personsa que trabajan para uds.

    Sin mas,

    Jose Rodriguez

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