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Posted December 13, 2011 by publisher in Cuba Vacation

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Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

NV Charts of Germany and Newport Rhode Island have recently released two new chart books and CDs featuring the Northeast and Northwest coast of Cuba.

According to the NV Charts website, these charts offer fine contours and easy to distinguish color graduations of the depth lines with a turquoise color for coral reefs, red color for the 2-meter-line and blue for the 5-meter-areas.

The Cuba navigation charts are 23 1/2” x 16 1/2” also show coastal rivers, towns and streets in order to provide a clear overall view of the features on land.

You will find red numbered waypoints with coordinates based on WGS 84 that enable yachtsmen to navigate using GPS instruments. Heights and depths are given in the internationally accepted format of meters. Large scale approaches and land contour markings simplify the entrance into anchorages. There are two separate charts packages, Northeast Cuba and Northwest Cuba and the cost is $99.95 for each print/CD combo package.

Northeast Cuba Charts

The Northeast Cuba charts (Reg. 10.1) cover Cabo Maisi to Varadero and include a CD of charts and navigation software, harbor and anchorage charts, 16 passage charts, 18 coastal charts, GPS charted waypoints with 23 approaches. These areas are featured in this Cuba navigation chart package:

Punta Maisi to Bahia Nipe
Bahia Nipe to Pta. Maternillos
Pta. Maternillos to Cayo Paredon Grande
Cayo Paredon Grande to Cayo Fragoso
Cayo Fragoso to Varadero
Punta Maisi to Baracoa
Baracoa to Cayo Moa
Cayo Moa to Bahia Nipe
Bahia Nipe to Bahia de Sama
Bahia de Sama to Punta Mangles
Punta Mangles to Punta Roma
Bahia Manati
Punta Roma
Bahia Manati to Punta Cruz
Punta Cruz to Cayo Confites
Cayo Confites to Cayo Paredon Grande
Cayo Paredon Grande to Cayo Jaula
Cayo Jaula to Cayo Caiman del Faro
Cayo Caiman del Faro to Cayo Frances
Cayo Frances to Cayo Fragoso
Cayo Fragoso to Cayo Cristo
Cayo Cristo to Cayo Bahia de Cadiz
Cayo Bahia de Cadiz to Varadero
Bahia de Cayo Moa
Bahia de Tanamo
Bahia de Nipe
Bahia de Banes
Bahia de Naranjo
Bahia de Baracoa
Bahia de Mata
Bahia de Sama
Bahia de Taco
Bahia de Vita
Bahia de Bariay and Jururu
Puerto Gibara
Bahia de Puerto Padre
Canal de los Barcos
Bahia de Manati
Puerto Caibarien
Bahia de Nuevitas
Cayo Frances
Cayo Cristo to Isabela de Sagua
Cayos Falcones
Marinas Chapelin · Gaviota
Canal de Paso Malo

Northwest Cuba Charts

The Northwest Cuba charts (Reg. 10.2) cover Varadero to Havana to Cabo San Antonio and include a CD of charts and navigation software, harbor and anchorage charts, 4 passage charts, 21 coastal charts with 10 details, GPS charted waypoints and approaches. These areas are featured in this Cuba navigation chart package:

Varadero to La Habana
La Habana to Cayo Jutias
Cayo Jutias to Cabo San Antonio
Varadero to Matanzas
Matanzas to Boca de Jaruco
Boca de Jaruco to Río Santa Ana
Río Santa Ana to Bahía Honda
Bahía Honda to Cayo Arenas
Cayo Arenas to Punta Tabaco
Punta Tabaco to La Tabla
La Tabla to Los Morros · Cabo San Antonio
Cabo San Antonio to Cabo Corrientes
Cabo Corrientes to Cabo Francés
Bahía de Matanzas
Tarará to Marina Hemingway
Puerto del Mariel
Bahía de Cabañas
Bahía Honda
Pasa Morrillo to Cayo Levisa
Cayo Levisa to Cayo Arenas
Cayo Arenas to Cayo Inés de Soto
Cayo Inés de Soto to Cayo Jutias
Cayo Jutias to Ensenada de Bajo
Ens. De Bajo to Cayo Rapado Grande
Cayo Rapado Grande · Quebrado de Buenavista
Cayos de Buenavista · El Pinto
Banco Sancho Pardo
Ensenada de Abalos
Ensenada La Fe
Golfo de Guanahacabibes East
Golfo de Guanahacabibes West
Los Morros · Ensenada El Cajon
La Habana
Marina Hemingway

About NV Charts

For more than 25 years, the NV team of hydrographers, cartographers, geographers and professional mariners has been producing charts of the Bahamas, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic Sea by conducting their own surveys and designing charts. NV charts have been adopted by the U.S. Coast Guard for use in the Bahamas and Caribbean. The new nv-charts for the US are based on NOAA data with new cartography. They can be reached at NV Charts or by calling 401-239-0349 in Rhode Island.

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