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Posted September 30, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Travel

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Scanned from Havana Weekly tourist guide dated 1947

The Cuban Tourist Commission - A GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT

Invites Havana’s visitors to extend their trip into the interior of the country Where they will find delightful beaches, like Varadero without equal on the shores of the Atlantic; cities of great interest such as Matanzas, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Remedios, Caibarien, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba, etc.; the magnificent spas of San Diego de los Banos, San Vicente, San Miguel de Ios Banos and San Jose del Lago; Vinales and Yumuri valleys of incomparable beauty; the mysterious and attractive Isle of Pines; marvelous places for excursions, rich sport fishing grounds, or tranquil, transparent waters that are a veritable aquarium… for fishing in technicolor. And many other thrilling things.

Ask at the Cuban Tourist Commission for the folder “Visit Cuba” which contains a tourist map of the Island.

O F F I C E:
Havana - Telf.: M.1670


All the tours agencies established in Havana have sightseeing services. Ask for a list of the agencies at the Cuban Tourist Commission (Cartel No. 109) or at your hotel.

The principal sightseeing trips are:

CITY TRIP. Comprises the greater part of the points of interest to be found in the sections of this Guide entitled: “Old Havana”, “Poems in Stone”, “Modern Havana” and the “Residential Section” of Vedado. Duration: 2 hrs. 30 min.

MORRO CASTLE TRIP. Duration 2 hours.

COUNTRY TRIP. Suburban section, Tropical Gardens, Country Clubs, country towns, famous Nautical Clubs, etc. Duration 3 hours.

NIGHT TRIP. Visit to all the places of gayest Havana night life and the open-air cafes, Chinatown. Jai-alai, etc.; and later, to the National Casino and night clubs outside the city. Duration: from 9:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

JIBACOA TRIP. An interesting drive to beautiful Jibacoa Beachó33 miles from Havana. Swimming and luncheon on the beach, Visit to “Cue-vas del Cura” (caves) and to Hershey Sugar Mill. Duration: from 8 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Havana leads to a country full of innumerable attractions. Everything beyond its gates has a special fascination: mystery and exuberance of Nature in the tropics, huge sugar mills, tobacco plantations, a sky, sun and sea that invite to yachting, swimming and fishing; and many picturesque little towns and interesting old cities untouched by the passing centuries, that preserve their colonial physiognomy and the atmosphere of ancient times.

HIGHWAYS. Over 900 miles of highways, covering almost the entire Island, permit a visit to these interesting places which can also be reached by train, or air if one prefers.

Here are some suggestions for short trips and longer excursions which the traveler can combine according to the time at his disposal:

GUANABACOA. Ancient town of great interest to touristsó20 minutes from Havana.

BATABANO. (36 miles from Havana). Important sponge fishing center. Ships for the Isle of Pines sail from this port. Fishing excursions can be arranged.

JIBACOA BEACH.. This modern tourist resort, 32.4 miles east of Havana, is one of the most picturesque in the country. Great stretches of fine sand. All kinds of sports. Comfortable furnished cabanas for rent. A congenial club.

EXCURSIONS. Many little towns, not far from Havana, are so quaint and picturesque that they are worth visiting. Santa Maria del Rosario, for instance, is 30 minutes from the city by bus. Founded 300 years ago, it is famous for its mineral springs, its ancient church and other interesting sights.

CUEVAS DEL CURA is another point of interest recently opened to the public. These caves are considered marvels of beauty in their stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Although the largest sugar mills are not located in Havana Province, there are several important ones that can be visited by motor, bus or train. Central Providencia not far from the city, Central Toledo in Marianao, and Central Hershey, under American management, all offer interesting excursions. The same Central Hershey Company owns the Hershey Railroad which has trains that leave Casa Blanca for the mill several times a day. The attractions at Central Hershey include an excellent golf course, tennis courts, etc., and a very good hotel where American meals are served at moderate prices.

MARIEL. (36 miles from Havana). This small port is in Pinar del Rio Province, a region that possesses the most beautiful landscapes. It is a favorite place for excursions. Good sea food… boating… fishing. The Naval Academy is located there.

VINALES VALLEY. In the Pinar del Rio Province, at 124.5 miles west of Havana, is this marvelous valley, without equal in this Continent.

ISLE OF PINES. (10 hours by ship from Batabano and 39 minutes from Havana by plane) . Discovered by Columbus on his second voyage to the New World, June 3rd, 1502. Legend says that the pirates who infested the seas used it as a hiding place for their stolen treasures; this gave Robert Louis Stevenson the idea for his famous novel “Treasure Island”.
For the tourist who prefers quiet surroundings, beneficial to mind and body, the Isle of Pines is ideal. Its medicinal springs enjoy wide fame, especially those of Santa Fe.

MATANZAS. (63 miles from Havana). Important city connected with Havana by the Central Highway and two railroad linesóall scenic routes. Its surrounding districts leave an indelible impression, especially the Yumuri Valley, incomparably beautiful, and the Bellamar Caves, considered one of the marvels of the American Continent.

VARADERO BEACH. (3 hours by road and 45 minutes by plane). One of the most colorful spots on any coast, with a white sand beach five miles long. Good hotels. Nautical Club, Kawama Beach Club. This beach is the meeting place, the year round, of a fashionable and cosmopolitan world.

TRINIDAD. (11 hours by train an 11/2 hours by plane from Havana). Perhaps no other city in America evokes, as this does, the ancient colonial life. This city, founded in 1514, soon became the richest in Cuba. Today it is the Bruges of the New World.

CIENFUEGOS. This fair city, called the “Pearl of the South”, where the tourist will find casinos, clubs and recreation centers, is located 208 miles from Havana to which it’ is linked by railroad, highway and air-plane. Its fine bay invites to yachting, swimming and fishing.

CAMAGUEY. (354.3 miles from Havana). A very interesting, ancient and commercial city. Important center of national and international air routes.

SANTIAGO DE CUBA. (601.4 miles from Havana to which it is connected by railroad, highway and airplane) . Founded in 1514, its superb topographical situation among the mountains, the Hispano-Moorish aspect and historical landmarks that perpetuate the principal events of the Spanish-Cuban-American War, make of Santiago a center of attraction for the tourist. It also offers many sports and diversions: golf, tennis, yachting, swimming and excursions to nearby resorts such as Siboney and Aguadores beaches, Cobre Sanctuary, Boniato Summit Drive and Rancho Club.

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