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Posted December 29, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Vacation

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Cuba’s tourism industry, in which world-renowned destinations such as Varadero, Holguín, Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba stand out, also offers great options on the many islets that make up the Cuban archipelago.

South of the big island is one of those destinations, Cayo Largo del Sur, which boasts 24 kilometers of excellent Cuban beaches, whose white fine sand prevents overheating.

Cayo Largo has become a first-rate destination for outdoor recreation and nautical sports, among Cuba’s many options for leisure.

On Cayo Largo del Sur, various excellent Cuban beaches stand out, including Playa Sirena (Mermaid Beach), which is considered the most beautiful due to its tranquil waters and location that protects it from winds and waves.

Lindamar is another natural offer for sea lovers. It is small, cozy and private, and is located in a shell-shaped area of the coast and surrounded by white rocks.

However, the largest beach on the islet is Playa Blanca (White Beach), with big rocks surrounding the seashore and forming private bends that create the illusion of living on a deserted island.

Playa Luna (Moon Beach), characterized by tranquil waters and fine sand that gradually descends into the sea, and Playa Cocos (Coconuts Beach), called that way after the many coconut trees that provide shadow and shelter to bathers, also stand out in the unique landscape of Cayo Largo del Sur.

Last but not least in this group of Cuban beaches is Playa Tortugas (Turtles Beach), whose name comes from the fact that hundreds of turtles go there every year to lay their eggs.

The name of Cayo Largo, which is located in the western tip of the Los Canarreos Archipelago, comes from its long shape. The islet’s history dates from the aboriginal period, since many archeological artifacts belonging to the Siboney civilization have been found there.

Cayo Largo del Sur was visited by Admiral Christopher Columbus during his second voyage in 1494, and has been closely linked to corsairs and pirates who used to sail and loot the Caribbean region.

Nature is well preserved on the islet, which is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and is complemented by other nearby keys, where many plant and animal species, including iguanas, pelicans and turtles, live in perfect harmony.

Visitors to Cayo Largo del Sur can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding sea bottoms, where they can practice scuba diving and snorkeling, as well as taking excursions to nearby natural spots.

Both nautical and ground sports can be practiced on Cayo Largo del Sur, where vacationers can spend their leisure time on dream Cuban beaches, or play tennis or volleyball, among other options.

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