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Cuba yesterday and today - The Hersey sugar railroad in Cuba

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By SALLY MELCHER JARVIS, Correspondent for LancasterOnline.com The train looked very familiar. It was the same maroon color as former Pennsylvania Railroad cars; Hershey was painted on the side in gold letters. But this train stood in ankle-high grass outside Havana, Cuba. It was the original train line… Read More

Beebs and Laura visit Havana and Trinidad Cuba - great travel blog

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(I found this travel blog entry to be very well written and a great description of the typical tourist vacation in Cuba and from a women’s perspective. So, congratulations on a great trip and I hope those Cuban men didn’t scare you away from a second trip - Publisher) from Beebs and Laura… Read More

Vinales Valley landscape, tours and the real beauty of Cuba

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Benjamin B. Ellis | Weekend Post | Canada.com Mountains jut from the earth, a carpet of tangled trees enveloping even their steepest slopes. Bronzed faces, wrinkled from years of exposure to sun and smoke, smile from the doorways of lonely farming huts, ready to share some fresh fruit, a hand-rolled… Read More

Two million tourists to Cuba and French Travel Agencies meeting

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ACN For the fourth year in a row, Cuba is expecting to receive more than 2 million tourists this year 2007, which confirms that the island is one the most important tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Cuba’s tourism deputy minister Maria Elena Lopez said that most of Cuba’s tourism markets… Read More

AFAT Voyages convention to be held in Holguin Cuba

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The 18th AFAT-VOYAGES Convention will take place from November 13 to 16 in Holguin, Cuba. The meeting aims to promote Cuba as a tourist destination, especially Bariay, on the north coast of Cuba where Christopher Colombus landed on October 27, 1492. According to Hugo Huget, representative of the Ministry… Read More

OFAC list of authorized Cuba travel service providers

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DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY WASHINGTON, D.C. 20220 OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL LIST OF AUTHORIZED PROVIDERS OF AIR, TRAVEL AND REMITTANCE FORWARDING SERVICES TO CUBA Publication Date of this revision MAY 21, 2007 - Cuban Assets Control Regulations, 31 C.F.R Part 515 This list identifies all currently… Read More

Purchase of Spanish Pullmantur cruise line now restricts it from Cuban cruises

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BY LISANKA GONZALEZ SUAREZ ― Granma International staff writer― As a result of the sale of the Spanish Pullmantur cruise line to the U.S. Royal Caribbean Cruise Corporation, Cuba has lost $16.89 million since the end of 2006 and 12,300 passengers have been prevented from visiting the island by the… Read More

Can the US hospitality industry help shape a new Cuba? - press release

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SAGE Publications | Article published by SAGE in Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly An analysis of the potential relationship of Cuba and United States tourism interests by Sergei Khrushchev and two coauthors, published in the November 2007 issue of the Cornell Hotel and Restaurant… Read More

First Hoteles E brand of hotels launched in Cienfuegos Cuba

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The Encanto Palacio Azul Hotel, the first establishment of the Hoteles E brand in Cuba, was inaugurated in the central province of Cienfuegos. Tourist authorities said that during the first stage, 50 Hoteles E will open in places of historic and patrimonial interest in the cities of Havana, Camaguey,… Read More

Cuban boatyard, marina and yacht repair facility reviews

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A cadre of boatyards - Cuba’s future recreational vessel repair facilities By Don Barr | CubaCruising.net When the political climate changes in Cuba, and more boaters are cruising its waters, will opportunities exit for them to have quality work done at Cuban yards? I enthusiastically think so. Having… Read More

Shipwreck in Cuba - Cuban military hospitality

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By Ray Oliver | CubaCruising.net As a lad growing up in Newcastle, England, I read the novels of Ernest Hemingway and imagined traveling the world, with Cuba being one of my dream destinations. After sailing the Atlantic in 2000, and landing in Barbados, I knew that one day I would have to travel north… Read More

Frank Pais International airport in Holguin Cuba improves operations

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DTCuba.com The international airport in the eastern Cuban province of Holguin is being modernized and enlarged to improve its operational capacity. According to experts, the works will allow the airport to handle an average of 1,200 passengers per hour. The strategy includes improving traffic services… Read More

Queers to Cuba Tour - Gay travel experience

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On December 27, 2007, a group of North Americans will make history by flying to Havana on the first ever Queers to Cuba Tour. They’ll spend eight days experiencing the island’s rich cultural heritage and meeting representatives of Cuban organizations working for sexual dignity. Activists… Read More

Fishing, drinking and enjoying Cuba

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PETE CLARK | Scotsman.com Saturday morning, on a small boat a few miles from Havana. We left the Hemingway Marina about two beers ago with the idea of catching a marlin, one of those fish with a long spike on its nose. Although the fishing seat looked comfortable enough, it brought with it responsibilities.… Read More

Is Varadero Cuba? - status of Cubans who visit Varadero

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Satellite image of Varadero Cuba This question evolved from another thread here and I would like to get travelers’ opinions on the current state of the international tourist destination Varadero Cuba. I understand Americans may not want to offer many answers so we understand if your “friend”… Read More

Machiko’s journal about traveling through Cuba

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Machiko’s space - Individual travel log from Window’s Live Spaces blog We went to Cuba in May for 4 weeks, but better late than never I hope. Cuba wasn’t exactly the easiest place to find internet access and when we did it was expensive. We also had better things to do like drink mojitos… Read More

Cuba takes steps to improve tourism services

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Reuters Cuba has adopted a series of measures to improve the tourism industry’s competitive position in the Caribbean and reverse a two-year slide in visitors, state-media has reported. “Today the ministry is working on new investments and repairing hotels of historic interest in the cities,”… Read More

Today Show with Matt Lauer to broadcast live from Cuba Tuesday June 5 2007

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Matt Lauer and NBC’s “Today” show will broadcast live from Cuba next Tuesday to report on the political and economic climate there. Although Lauer is a frequent round-the-world traveler for “Today,” it took 18 months to arrange the visit to a country only 90 miles from the… Read More

The Cuban Hustle - A couple days in Habana

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Dan Farkas The route from the airport to downtown La Habana is fully operated by the government. The tourist are first forced to exchange their pocket money for Cuban Convertibles (CUC) for rates dictated by everything else but free currency markets. I was exchanging from British Pounds and received… Read More

ABC News’ Bob Woodruff to report from Cuba

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Bob Woodruff of ABC News is headed to Havana this weekend for his first overseas reporting trip since being severely injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq last year. His coverage of May Day (May 1) commemorations in Cuba will begin on “World News” on Sunday and continue during the week. He’ll… Read More

A bittersweet trip to Havana Cuba

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By Mike Di Paola | Bloomberg We had just left a baseball game near midnight in Havana when a thief made a grab for our bags. It might have been a simple snatch and grab, instead of a mugging, if I hadn’t tackled the crook. His two pals pummeled me, scampering away as a sizable crowd looked on with… Read More

Havana Jazz Festival Tour November 25 to December 3 2007

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A select group of Canadians and Americans will be VIP guests at the Havana International Jazz Festival from November 25 to December 3, 2007. Since its beginnings in 1978, the Havana Jazz Festival has been held annually in late November. Some of the big names of world jazz take to the stage during these… Read More

Four episodes about Life in Cuba by Art Fennell on CN8, The Comcast Network

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ART FENNELL REPORTS FROM CUBA TO UNVEIL LIFE BEHIND THE ISLAND’S “MYSTERIOUS” CURTAIN IN SERIES PREMIERING MONDAY, MARCH 12 AT 10 P.M. ON CN8, THE COMCAST NETWORK As worldwide interest in Cuba grows amid speculation of Fidel Castro’s health and an evolving American-Cuban relationship,… Read More

Global Solidarity School in Cuba from May 6 to May 11, 2007

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Vancouver, Canada, March 5, 2007 - A group of North American labor, community, and academic activists are sponsoring the first annual Global Solidarity School in Havana, Cuba, from May 6 to May 11, 2007. Participants will have the opportunity to share ideas, experiences, and strategies with leading Cuban… Read More

Introducing myself by Christopher P. Baker

Posted in Cuba Travel > Cuba Travel

Hello, I’m delighted to be invited to contribute to Havana Journal. It’s a honor to support this fine website. I’m looking forward to posting feature articles, travel news, and personal anecdotes, as well as sharing my photos. For those of you who may not be familiar with my work, I… Read More

Welcome to Chris Baker category at the Havana Journal

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We have just completed our Web 2.0/My Space feature addition to the Havana Journal. We are happy to provide internationally known travel author Christopher P. Baker his own category in the Travel Section at the Havana Journal. This new space is called a WOC or Website Owner Category. These new categories… Read More

Legislation Introduced in Senate and House to Restore Americans Right to Travel

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Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY) with nine other Republican and Democratic Senators introduced legislation on Thursday that allows all Americans to make normal professional and tourist visits to Cuba.  If the bill becomes law, any US travel agent will be able to book transportation, accommodations and other… Read More

Visiting a post-Castro Cuba - Christopher Baker comments

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Travel Notes By Carolyn Ali | Straight.com Most people planning a trip to Cuba these days can’t help but consider the Fidel factor. In power since 1959, Fidel Castro defines the nation, but his health has been widely reported to be in decline. His failure to make an anticipated appearance at his… Read More

Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Santa Maria in Jardines del Rey Cuba

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Paradise lost? Here’s where to find it—a group of tiny islands that sparkle in turquoise waters, just north of the mainland of Cuba. Poised to become the next “must-go” destination of the Caribbean, Cayo Santa Maria and the nearby island of Ensenachos have long been regarded a… Read More

Award winning travel author Christopher Baker joins Havana Journal as Advisor

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We are very pleased to announce that Christopher P. Baker, world renowned travel author has joined the Havana Journal in the capacity of Advisor. Chris will share his many years of travel experience with Havana Journal readers. His extensive knowledge of the Cuban culture and geography of the country… Read More

A seven minute photo montage video of La Habana Cuba

Posted in Cuba Travel > Cuba Travel

Sit back and listen to some great Cuban music and see the sights around La Habana, Habana Vieja and Vedado. See the great architecture, museums, colors of street life, the (lack of) traffic on the streets of Havana, famous landmarks all on yet another sunny day in Cuba! Read More

Canadian travel agency offers $300 to mules to carry goods into Cuba

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Canadian Press A Quebec travel agency is offering clients a $300 discount on its travel packages to Cuba in exchange for taking a suitcase full of personal items into the country. The company says it is simply acting as a middleman for expatriate Cubans wishing to send hard-to-find everyday items… Read More

RECOMMEND: Christopher Baker 4th edition CUBA by Moon Handbooks

Posted in Cuba Travel > Cuba Travel

I have just finished reading Christopher Baker’s CUBA by Moon Handbooks. I didn’t think I needed yet another guidebook on Cuba but after reading this book, it is the ONLY guidebook I need on Cuba. I also recommend Mr. Baker’s HAVANA by Moon Handbooks. Honestly, with these two books… Read More

Cuba hosts 2.2 million tourists in 2006

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By Rosa Tania Valdes | REUTERS The number of tourists visiting Cuba dropped 3.6 per cent last year due to high prices and not political uncertainty over Fidel Castro’s illness, travel industry sources said. An outbreak of mosquito-born dengue fever also scared some visitors away, they said this… Read More

Bellamar caves in Matanzas offer unique experience in Cuba

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DTCuba.com Near the city of Matanzas, the provincial capital, are the Bellamar Caves, a true underground treasure that complements the region’s tourist attractions. Located in one of the hills surrounding the Bay of Matanzas, the Bellamar Caves is the oldest tourist resort in Cuba, as its inauguration… Read More

Guanahacabibes Peninsula in Pinar del Rio being developed for tourism

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DTCuba.com New tourist options are being promoted in the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, in Cuba’s westernmost province. In that regard, experts said that the construction of a heliport will contribute to increasing tourist arrivals from Mexico, as direct flights will be available between Cancun and… Read More

New Book on Cuban tourist destination Jardines del Rey published

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DTCuba.com The city of Moron hosted the launch of the book “Más Allá de los Sueños” (Beyond Dreams), which deals with the development of the tourist destination known as Jardines del Rey. The book, written by researcher Larry Morales, describes the first steps taken to develop… Read More

Biodiversity in the Guanahacabibes Peninsula - Pinar del Rio

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DTCuba.com The Guanahacabibes Peninsula, in Cuba’s westernmost province, Pinar del Río, is an excellent place to combine biodiversity and tourism. Among the most recent discoveries in the area are 27 small and medium-size mollusks, including snails, shells and octopuses. Declared a Biosphere Reserved… Read More

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