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Day counts since Fidel Castro’s last article, public appearance and private meeting

Posted October 29, 2013 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Updated on January 27, 2014. We will update this page whenever we know Fidel has been seen alive. We will also post to Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.

Last meeting with world leader or celebrity was on March 27 with Nguyen Tan Dung, Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam..

Day count = 0 days

Last article penned by Fidel Castro was a Reflection on December 23. If you have NOTHING to do and LOVE Fidel Castro, you can read his latest Reflection that is his usual boring, out-of-touch, rambling, meaningless self. He tells the world that what Raul said to Obama during their handshake was “I’m Castro” in English. Wow. Thanks Fidel for enlightening us on the current state of US Cuba relations. I’m sure Raul is grateful too that you were kind enough to tell us what he said to the President of the US. Day count = 95 days

Last public appearance by Fidel Castro was last seen in public on January 9, 2014 at an art gallery in Havana. This is his first public appearance in nine months. Just an elderly old man or does he have influence behind the scenes? Day count = 78 days

Recent Photo History of Fidel Castro

Havana Journal wrote an article back in 2008 comparing the recent photos of Fidel Castro back in 2008. There are several photos where Fidel does not look the same (ie body double?).

This is the photo of him from January 9:

This is him from an AP photo from June 9:

This is an image of Fidel Castro in April 2004. I know this is him because I sat for a three hour speech from him and took this photo immediately after the speech.

Here is a Google photo search of recent photos of Fidel Castro. Do you think every man in this search result is Fidel Castro? I am no facial identification expert but I can’t say that every photo shown in the search result is Fidel Castro.

So, it is fair to ask if all the photos seen here and in the Google search are not Fidel Castro, why not?


One would think that it is fair to ask that since Fidel has not been seen in public for 161 days, is Fidel Castro dead?

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