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Cuba ready to negotiate with US… if US gives Cuba everything it wants

Posted November 16, 2012 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

Juan O. Tamayo of the Miami Herald writes a good article titled “Cuba again offers talks with Obama government” with the sub title of “But repeats old positions, says nothing about democracy or human rights”.

I’m all for a better relationship with Washington and Havana but I have to say that Cuba is being a bit ridiculous here.

You can read the full article for yourself but I’ll sum up what Cuba is asking for and what Cuba is willing to offer in return.

Cuba is “submitting a draft agenda for a bilateral dialogue aimed at moving towards the normalization of relations”.

Cuba is asking for…

1. Lift all US sanctions against Cuba.

2. Remove Cuba for the state sponsors of terrorism list.

3. End the Cuban Adjustment Act better known as the “wet foot/dry foot” policy.

4. Compensation for damages caused by the 50+ year old Embargo.

5. Return Guantanamo Bay to Cuba.

6. End Radio/TV Marti.

7. Stop US financial support to dissidents in Cuba.

8. Release of the Cuban Five.

Cuba is offering to…

1. Negotiate agreements in areas of mutual interest, such as drug and people smuggling, terrorism, migration, natural disasters, the environment and postal services.

Cuba is not offering to…

1. Free political prisoners.

2. Allow dissent.

3. Allow freedom of speech or assembly.

4. Release Alan Gross.

So, do you think the US should start a “bilateral dialogue” with Cuba?

Ahhh… where’s the benefit to the US?


Simple as that.

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