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Fidel Castro is dead - A headline but when?

Posted October 11, 2012 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

I wrote about the Irrelevance of Fidel Castro back in August.

It was clear to me that Fidel’s health, at least his mental health, has deteriorated greatly this year.

He stopped writing his Reflections and started using Twitter in order to post short, meaningless comments.

Many other people noticed the lack of comments from Fidel, let alone his lack of public appearances.

Then, some Cuban blogger made the statement that Fidel is fine, he’s just writing a book with Chavez. Right. We believe that.

But wait, his son confirmed that Fidel is working hard in September.

No comments from Fidel. No comments from Granma and other Castro controlled media sources.

About a month ago I had the idea that maybe there will be some announcement about Fidel’s health, or death after the Venezuela election. Perhaps Raul would hold back important information about the health/death of Fidel until after the election so Chavez’s message would not be clouded by Fidel… or his funeral.

Chavez won the election this past weekend and his closest friend in the world and mentor, Fidel Castro, does not even comment on the Chavez victory. I thought somebody in the Cuban government would at least write up some fake congratulations to Chavez but then again, NO ONE speaks for Fidel. That would be a life threatening mistake.

So, now rumors are circulating about Fidel’s health... not so much that he is dead but that he is brain dead and perhaps close to physical death.

Even the Cuban government controlled (or at least influenced) Havana Times is asking Where is Fidel?

True or not? I think we will find out shortly. Either with the announcement by the Cuban government or by announcement by Fidel.

I have to say that the trend of his declining health is clear going back to June. He has not been seen in public since April. So, one could say that “this time it’s different” but I will wait to call it until the death is publicly announced by an official Cuban government source… or one that I personally trust.

Someday, we will read the headline “Fidel Castro is Dead” and this time it may be closer than ever.

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On October 12, 2012, publisher wrote: Okay. That is good enough for me. Fidel is alive and well… just 100% silent and out of sight.