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Secretary Clinton dances at Cafe Havana in Colombia

Posted April 16, 2012 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

I rarely report on Secretary Clinton since she says very little publicly about anything Cuba related.

However, this past weekend she was in Colombia for the Summit of the Americas where President Obama and Secretary Clinton are making Cuba related news.

President Obama stands only with Canada excluding Cuba from the Summit.

Secretary Clinton decided to go out for a couple beers at a Cuban themed bar. I say, good for her? She is having fun while President Obama is on defense and failing people from Latin America, just as he is failing Americans here at home.

The New York Post printed this photo below (from AFP/Getty Images) on the cover of their newspaper with the headline Swillary which was not fair at all. I am no lover of Secretary Clinton but I have to say she has been much more of a success that President Obama at her job. Also, she was at the bar for a half hour and drank responsibly.


The secretary of state was photographed blowing off steam with a small group of bodyguards and about 12 pals at Cafe Havana.

Arriving at the club just after midnight, the former First Lady and her entourage took over its last remaining table. Clinton quickly proved she’s just a regular gal when it comes to drinking—she eschewed a glass and sucked down her Aguila pilsner cerveza straight from the bottle.

In all, the group ordered a dozen beers, two glasses of whiskey and bottles of water.

AFP/Getty Images

Secretary Clinton danced to an 11-musician band that played a series of Cuban rhythms. I find it interesting that the photo includes a Havana sign over her head. One could almost think this was a staged photo op of some sort.

Why would she go to a Cuban themed bar, drink a bottle of beer and dance under a Havana sign in front of a crowd of many people who obviously have cameras on their cell phones? She stayed for a half hour then left. Interesting but I’m glad to see she likes Cuban music.

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