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Alan Gross in Cuba

Posted December 06, 2010 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

If you are reading this article, you know that the Cuban government has been holding Alan Gross for more than one year without formal charges.

Statements have been made that he was only distributing computers to Jews in Cuba but the two organized Jewish groups in Cuba, Temple Beth Shalom and the Jewish Community House deny knowing or even meeting with Alan Gross.

Yesterday, just days after the anniversary of the detention of Alan Gross, Raul Castro celebrated Hanukkah with these Cuban Jewish organizations.

In my many years of following Cuba, I have barely even read of any mention of Jews in Cuba by either Fidel or Raul and now both appear to be openly supporting them. Of course I am suspecting that this is propaganda from the Jewish community AND the Castro brothers.

The Jewish community meeting with Raul and not making a public statement asking for the release of Alan Gross is their way of making it clear to the world that they have no ties to Alan Gross.

Raul’s meeting with them is his way of “hearing” their silence on the issue thus refuting all statements that Alan Gross was in Cuba to help the Jewish communities.

I don’t know the facts but either:

a.) Fidel is holding Gross to make a statement
b.) Fidel or Raul want to get something in return from the US in exchange for his release

c.) Fidel wants to sabotage any easing of the Embargo (since Fidel does not want the Embargo lifted)

Was Alan Gross spying and/or distributing electronics to dissidents or US agents in Cuba?

Who knows but I don’t expect him to be released any time soon. Fidel and Raul need some bargaining power in Washington and right now the only leverage they have is with Alan Gross.

If he was acting as an agent of the US or USAID, this information could add the recent embarrassment coming from WikiLeaks.

And the Washington/Cuba dance goes on.

Member Comments

On December 07, 2010, HavanAndrew wrote:

I’ve always had my doubts about Gross and the link to the Jewish community in Havana. First and foremost it seemed to defy logic that the very small Jewish community in Havana could impact change. There are so many more entities and individuals that could have been empowered by Gross’s efforts. I suspect that the Castros saw an opportunity that was put in their court, however small as it may seem. Sounds familiar, the Cuban Five are being prosecuted for espionage against U.S.A. when in reality they were gathering intelligence about American Cubans with a track record of organizing terror like actions against the Cuban state.

With regard to Seguin’s last comment regarding WikiLeaks, the entity that may change the ability of countries to operate in complete contradiction of its citizens. WikiLeaks in its present incarnation and future derivatives will be an equalizer, politicians will have less power and less room to operate out of their mandate.

When it comes to knowledge and information bombshells, Fidel Castro has amassed an incredible amount of intelligence through his international spy network. Deep within the bunkers of The Isle of Youth is a treasure trove of damning information that will include the Kennedy brothers, Iran/Contra and every one’s favorite, the Bush family and their Florida network. When and if the Castros team up with WikiLeaks there is a potential game changer. Julian Assange has an ace in the hole to be released upon his demise, Fidel Castro does too. How else would a leader of a small island nation remain in power despite his differences with the world’s most powerful nation ninety miles away.