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Chinese official meets with Fidel Castro outdoors

Posted September 05, 2009 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Visiting Chinese top legislator Wu Bangguo on Thursday visited Fidel Castro, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, in Havana, a source with the Chinese National People’s Congress (NPC) confirmed.

The two leaders had a two-hour conversation in a sincere and friendly atmosphere on bilateral relations and other issues of common concern, the source added.

Wu, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), spoke highly of the China-Cuba relationship, according to a NPC press release.

Bilateral relationship between China and Cuba is at its best time in history, Wu said, adding that China would strive to push its relations with Cuba to a new high by continuously expanding their friendly cooperation in various fields.

This photo was taken Thursday by Fidel’s son Alex Castro, a photographer for the Communist Youth newspaper Juventud Rebelde. It was published Friday in the newspaper and in the Communist Party daily Granma.

Castro said Cuba closely follows China’s economic and social development and feels proud when China scores new achievements.

China’s success is of special significance for Cuba and all the developing nations, he added.

“The Cuban people, along with the Chinese people, will continue to support each other, work closely and intensify their cooperation with the aim to maintain world peace and realize common development,” the press release quoted Castro as saying.

On China’s efforts to curb the global financial crisis, Wu said China is actively participating in international cooperation while striving to maintain a steady and relatively fast economic growth.

He said developing countries should have a greater representation and a bigger say in endeavor to deal with the global financial crisis and reform the global financial system.

He also urged the international community to try to minimize the damage the current crisis inflicts on the developing nations, especially on the most underdeveloped ones.

Wu arrived in Havana on Tuesday at the invitation of Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada, president of the Cuban National Assembly of People’s Power (CNAPP).

Cuba is the first leg of Wu’s three-nation American tour, which will also take him to the Bahamas and the United States.

China established diplomatic relations with Cuba on September 28, 1960. Cuba was the first Latin American country to have diplomatic ties with China.

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On September 05, 2009, BERNIE wrote:

Why is it that China has become the new super power of the world??
  How did they do it, without having any military bases in foreign countries???
Is the USA missing something like brains; that the USA has apprx.  700
military bases thruout the world????
  The whole world seems to want to be friends with China?????

On September 05, 2009, pipefitter wrote:

They can get cheep goods from China, no hope of doing that from the U.S.