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Philips Electronics pays $128,750 to settle OFAC Cuba sanctions violations

Posted July 01, 2009 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

Contained in a release of OFAC’s Civil Penalties today, Philips Electronics of North America has agreed to settle allegations of violations of the Cuban Assets Control Regulations occurring between June 2004 and March 2006 by paying a fine of $128,750.00.

OFAC alleged that an employee of Philips of North America traveled to Cuba without an OFAC license in the course of business of selling medical equipment to Cuba.

Philips voluntarily disclosed this matter to OFAC and it was resolved according to prior enforcement guidelines published by OFAC, 68 Fed. Reg. 4422.

There were no other violations of the Cuban Assets Control Regulations and there were no individual penalties. Individual penalties are usually assessed for the purchase of Cuban cigars over the Internet.

Member Comments

On July 01, 2009, publisher wrote:

I tried to find a media contact on their site in order to ask if the company would like to comment on this fine but I could not find a contact.

On July 07, 2009, bernie wrote:

Reading news of this nature tells me that the Obama
administration has no intentions of improving relations
with Cuba.  What scraps they have given out was what
the Cuban Americans had previously had, and by giving these
priviliges back to them they ballyhoo the world that they
are the great benefactor, baloney???

On July 10, 2009, Cubana wrote:

This quite, quite scandalous. Not only for the extra-territorial nature of the US Cuba sanctions (which NO ONE apart from Israel support) but the craven way in which Philips acceded to the fine. Philips is an independent Dutch company and should have put two fingers up to the US. Pathetic.

On July 10, 2009, paul wrote:

More scandalous is that that Dutch company cares more about making money than being against communism.

I don’t care that “nobody” else supports the sanctions. As long as the USA and Israel say no, that’s who calls the shots. Too bad you are on Castro’s team, and too bad that you have the US freedoms to defend communism.

On July 10, 2009, publisher wrote:


The fine was because one employee went to Cuba with a non-US based branch of the company.

That’s worth a $128k fine?

On July 10, 2009, paul wrote:

I understand what you mean, but I’m pretty sure that employee was trying to secure a large contract, likely dwarfing the 128k. I also just read that 20% of this branch’s assets are American owned.

On the topic of the Dutch, here is something that might have gone under the radar:

On July 11, 2009, Alberto N Jones wrote:

Only newcomers to this 50 year old monstrous abuse by the US government on a poor and small country, are surprised by these recent revolting measures, that are regularly made by Republicans and Democrats, on behalf of Free Enterprise, Freedom of Speech, regular elections with 30% participations and above all, Freedom of OUR Religion and our way of life.

The world have come to understand this double speak in Geneve, New York or Paris during international conventions, where they deplore the misery, suffering and pain of the Cuban people, while at the same time,  they are willing to apply fines against Phillips Electronics for selling or attempting to sell an MRI, X Ray machine, simple bulbs or computer parts to save the life of someone in Cuba.  Nor was OFAC ashamed to fine a chemical company in PA for selling water treatment chemicals, as if we in the developed world are the only ones entitled to safe drinking water and never suffering from waterborne infections.  How cynicals?

Shedding crocrodile tears, the US State Department and the President mourn the draconian 10% imposition the Cuban government have applied against dollars and the re-evaluation of their currency (CUC), while guarding safely how many times, millions of Cuban dollars are intercepted and confiscated, just as Pirates and Corsair did 200 years ago, nor do they say a word about our Kangaroo Courts in South Florida, assigning millions of dollars of frozen Cuban assets, to any vulgar thief, alleging pain and suffering, for reasons as simple of a husband running off?  Other dejected women in the US should use these examples as points of reference in their marital disputes, in hopes of receiving compensation from their husbands employers.

Asuming those living in Cuba who we deslike as much as Venezuelans, Syrians, Palestinians, Iranians or our poster boy North Korea, makes it OK to inflict upon them, every imaginable disease, either in form of bio-terrorrism as it has been exhaustively documented in Cuba over and over, or by denying them basic means to combat such tragedies.  Either way, history have recorded and will continue to record these meanspirited acts, that have remained so far, inmune to the long arm of the International Court we created for the weak and poor, not for proven crimes.

On July 12, 2009, paul wrote:

Communism 101 long winded rant *yawn*