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The Electoral Project: A Roadmap to Free and Fair Elections in Cuba

Posted February 04, 2009 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Press Release

Lawyers Without Borders™ announces publication of the bilingual edition of Proyecto Electoral: La Hoja de Ruta (The Electoral Project: A Roadmap to Free and Fair Elections in Cuba). The work identifies obstacles in Cuba’s current legal framework which prevent the conduct of free and fair elections and identifies the courses of action required to overcome them. The analysis is informed by internationally recognized electoral standards and integrates international norms and best practices as well as Cuba’s unique history, custom and nuance. The book is available at

Proyecto Electoral: Methodology and Approach

The book, self-published by Lawyers Without Borders, is authored by a team which included scholars and lawyers from Belgium, Argentina, Chile, United Kingdom, Italy, France, United States, and Cuba who strove to present a methodology for change that was not captive of particular political values or bias. It is neutrally orientated while at the same time being firmly planted in the Latin American and Cuban historical experience. In several respects, notably out-of-country voting entitlements and mechanisms, it is guided by legal and historical data derived from the experience political transitions over the last quarter century.

The analysis of Proyecto Electoral is intended to be used as a resource and a tool for lawyers, legislators and citizens. It is very much akin to an actual road map, offering in some instances different options to reach a particular destination. For those seeking change from a single to multi party electoral system, It shows the way, and sometimes different ways, to achieve that goal.

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