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Cuban Revolution at 50 lecture at Boston University February 5 2009

Posted January 13, 2009 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Discoveries Lecture: The Cuban Revolution at 50

When: Thursday, February 5, 2009, 7 p.m

Where: Metcalf Trustee Center Ballroom, West Entrance, Ninth Floor595 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA

Cost: $15 per person

Ninety miles from the United States, Cuba has at times preoccupied every American president since Eisenhower. Join Boston University alumni for Assistant Dean of Students Daryl DeLuca’s presentation of his striking photographs from his many trips to Cuba.

Then, hear Susan Eckstein, professor of sociology and international relations, discuss the Cuban revolution and where the tempestuous U.S.-Cuban relationship might be headed in the Obama administration.

Participate in a provocative evening of discussion and discover things you may not have seen in the news.

The program will be followed by a light reception. This event is open to the public.

RSVP here for the Cuba lecture or call 617-353-5261 by February 2

Discoveries, a lecture and learning series that taps the strength of the BU faculty to give alumni a deeper look into issues affecting the world and their lives, is brought to you by Arts & Sciences at Boston University and the Arts & Sciences Alumni Association.

Publisher note: I will be attending and look forward to the lecture.

Member Comments

On February 06, 2009, publisher wrote:

I attended the event last night and was very impressed with the professional venue, staff, speakers, attendees and food. What more can anyone ask for?

I was pleasantly surprised to see such a large turn out for any Cuba seminar but there is a very large following of Cuba fans in Massachusetts.

Dean De Luca gave a great non-political presentation about his travels to Cuba, sixteen times in ten years, very impressive. He also talked about housing, infrastructure, transportation, employment and education.

The highlight of his speech was the photo presentation showing his humanitarian work building parks and playgrounds in Cuba with It’s Just The Kids Inc.

They built four playgrounds in eight days. He showed photos of hundreds of neighbors gathering for an opening of one of the playgrounds and shared stories about how the project impacted the children and the community.

Professor Eckstein gave a very factual presentation regarding the social, economic and political conditions in Cuba and highlighted the many problems and benefits of the Cuban Revolution over the years since 1959.

A question and answer followed. Hands around the room went up immediately to ask questions of both presenters. The questions were rather long winded so there were only a few… after all the appetizers are staying warm in the reception area in the next room.

The most interesting question was “What will happen after Fidel and Raul?”. The Dean’s answer was (to his regret) that probably nothing would change in Cuba after Fidel and Raul. He said he hope he is wrong but explained that since they have been in power for so many years that the system is too established to change. Professor Eckstein didn’t have much to offer other than suggesting that the US should not meddle in Cuban affairs.

Here’s a photo from the back of the Boston University - Cuban Revolution at 50 lecture.

You can it is a full house, sold out in fact. I commend Boston University for such a professional event and certainly hope they host another Cuba event soon.