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Will Secretary of Commerce Richardson move to lift the trade Embargo on Cuba?

Posted December 30, 2008 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Daniel Bruno Sanz | Huffington Post

Here are the last two paragraphs of this article An Opportunity for Bill Richardson to Shine Once Again from the Huffington Post:

Long ago, American foreign policy towards Cuba was hijacked by special interest groups concentrated in Miami. Now that the winds of change are blowing in Washington, Bill Richardson has the perfect opportunity to invite Cuban economic czar Carlos Lage to Washington and inform him that change has come to policies that punish American businesses while creating the perfect scapegoat for economic mismanagement in Cuba. With regime change in Washington imminent, America is going to have a higher I.Q. to work with. No longer will the U.S. assist the Cuban government’s monopoly over its economy by fencing off American commerce and influence.

Now is the time for Sec. Richardson to promote a free trade agreement with Cuba. Such a bold move would do more to bring structural economic and political change to Cuba than anything we have ever seen. Sec. Richardson’s diplomatic skills would shine once more as American business prospers while American geopolitical interests are served once again by the stroke of his pen.

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On December 30, 2008, publisher wrote:

The flurry of opinions and articles encouraging President Obama to ease the trade AND travel restrictions on Americans with regards to Cuba has been hard to miss these past few weeks.

MANY organizations, intellectuals, politicians and the like have been openly encouraging or lobbying in favor of a change in US Cuba policy.

Democrats have long been in favor of easing the Embargo. I think President Obama can make a bold international gesture by moving quickly to eliminate the Embargo on Cuba which is really a set of restrictions on Americans more so than against Cuba.

President Obama can win with the American people by giving them their freedom to travel to and trade with Cuba.

President Obama can win with the international community and the UN by getting rid of the cold war policy against Cuba.

President Obama can win with the Cuban people by lifting the Embargo because this will most likely force a change in the Cuban government since they will no longer have the Embargo as a scapegoat for their decades of failed economic policies.

So, this is a win/win/win for President Obama. Who will complain? The organizations in Miami that abuse USAID money crying out for change in Cuba while NONE of their actions has had any effect on changing the Cuban government.

President Obama, tear down this Embargo!

On December 30, 2008, abh wrote:

Yessir…if Richardson handles this well he’ll get my vote for pres if he runs again for sure!

On December 31, 2008, Ed wrote:

Absolutely the way to go

On January 02, 2009, nacho wrote:

Yes, my only worry is that Obama has a lot of pressing issues at hand, a failing economy at home, two wars elsewhere, fending off China and Russia rise as global superpowers, etc, to focus on the embargo

He could start off with lifting the restrictions on remmitances and travel, opening lines of communication and maybe do other things in a year or three. I don’t expect anything from the Cuban goverment so Obama’s initial moves will be unilateral and smart, with long term goals.

On January 02, 2009, bernie wrote:

If obama acts at all it should be total rejection of all aspects of the embargo, this peicemeal solutions is just prolonging a stupid idea, get it totally
out of the way and say it done.  Giving our freedom to travel and live life without interference from big brother would be a blessing to all???????

On January 02, 2009, abh wrote:

We’ll see, I have to say I do see some benefit in moving slowly as this is a very pressurized situation on both sides.  I always thought Bush’s quote when Fidel first got sick about valuing freedom over stability showed how he is very naive about foreign issues.  No one wants another balsero exodus, or violence or a wave of crazy Cuban exhiles trying to take their mansions back.  I think that immediately reverting back to the pre-2004 rules would be a good idea and an easy first step.  After that you start working with congress to begin stripping away the embargo piece by piece.

On January 04, 2009, publisher wrote:

Sorry to answer this question but Bill Richardson will NOT lift the trade Embargo on Cuba.

He just pulled his name out of contention for the Secretary of Commerce position.

On January 04, 2009, abh wrote:

That is disappointing to say the least.  I really had no idea about this; one would hope that Richardson doesn’t have any culpability.  I am personally a bit of a fan of one of the people mentioned as a successor, Kathleen Sebelius…don’t know what her views are regarding Cuba policy, although as the Governor of a farm state I think we can hope that she favors trade.