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Cuba repairing 850 houses per day after Gustva—- yeah right!

Posted September 06, 2008 by publisher in Cuba Politics.


Since last Monday Sept 1, when the recovery stage was declared following the passage of Hurricane Gustav, workers in this province have been repairing 850 houses a day; a pace that must be stepped up, urged the Provincial Defense Council.

Olga Lidia Tapia Iglesias, First Secretary of the Communist Party and president of the Defense Council in the province, said that over 2, 500 homes have already been repaired.

Tapia insisted that arriving resources must be well controlled but without bureaucratic hurdles during their distribution. Such resources must be stored at the very affected homes where they are assigned, said the official who called for the rapid solution to the cases of 507 families who still remain in shelters after they lost their homes.

The Communist Party First Secretary in Pinar del Rio suggested the setting up of temporary facilities, which offer privacy and minimum respectable conditions to host those households.

Olga Lidia Tapia explained about government priorities in the distribution of construction materials in the territory, particularly asbestos cement roofing, placed by the people themselves under the advice of neighbors with construction experience. They are also supplying cement and lumber to completely repair the houses.

Hurricane Gustav left over 90, 000 homes totally or partially destroyed in eight out of 14 municipalities in western Pinar del Rio province. The impact of Gustav’s over-220-km-per hour winds also affected other economic and social facilities in the territory.

Member Comments

On September 06, 2008, publisher wrote:

I see that Fidel and Raul have turned the propaganda machine on high.

Repairing 850 houses a day? Seriously?

They really think people will believe that number?

I thought this hurricane was going to require 3 to 4 BILLION dollars to fix everything and they already have all the planning, manpower, transportation vehicles, construction equipment etc not just in place but up to a speed of fixing 850 houses per day?

How do you even get to 850 houses a day in Cuba.

Please, don’t insult us with ridiculous statements like this.

On September 07, 2008, chuckdaplumber wrote:

Home Depot has had a run on 12’ X 12’ tarps.

On September 07, 2008, manfredz wrote:

Looks like IKE is going to cause a whole more damage.  We’ll know soon enough.

On September 08, 2008, chuckdaplumber wrote:

Best I can tell is that Cuba has four sources of income:
1. Renting out Doctors and Nurses at $ 600.00 per month and paying them about $50.00. Looks like slavery to me.
2. Selling nickle to China, thus repaying China’s investmemt in Cuba’s mining industry.
3. Partnerships with some Foriegn investors on managing tourist hotels.
4. Shaking down Hookers and Pimps in the sex trade.