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Posted August 04, 2008 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

If you read our recent post about Minxia getting fined $1.2million for Cuba sanctions violations then you might wonder how companies like and can openly advertise Cuba travel services.

I found these two advertisements today in Google.


I am not suggesting that they are doing anything wrong.

I’m sure their legal departments have reviewed the Cuban Assets Control Regulations and have decided that they are in compliance with the regulations but I find it interesting that these two very large corporations are indirectly promoting travel to Cuba. I suppose that’s the key word… indirectly.

Read our OFAC section for more information regarding this US Treasury department called the Office of Foreign Assets Control.


Continuing on…

In March of this year British citizen Stephen Marshall had his Cuba websites shut down by OFAC because he had his domains registered at US based He was not doing business in the US at all from what I understand yet OFAC caused the seizure of his domains.

So then, tell me why which owns many hotels in Cuba like this one in Varadero apparently is not in violation of Cuba sanctions. is registered at which is a reseller for US based Dotster.

Furthermore, all these domains listed below are owned by Sol Melia and are registered at the US based GoDaddy:

Makes me wonder why OFAC goes after some companies and not others.

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