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Todos Cubanos - Cuban dissident Newsletter - May 2008

Posted June 06, 2008 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

The Only Project for Cuba: Liberty. Oswaldo Payá.

“The Cuban government and its spokespersons, journalists and intellectuals continue to use the same insulting, false and threatening language against those of us who work for change. Its repressive apparatus continue to harass civic activists and, with all the resources of a totalitarian state, denying fundamental rights to all Cubans.” READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE
Kiwanis in Florida honor Oswaldo.

“On Saturday May 17, in Miami , Florida , the Coral Gables Latin Kiwanis Club honored the Cuban democratic dissident Oswaldo J. Payá Sardiñas with its highest award at its annual Freedom Awards Gala Fundraising Dinner.” READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE
Cuban Forum Campaign in Exile.

“The Cuban Forum Campaign, like all activities of citizen participation promoted by the Christian Liberation Movement is about to be unveiled and implemented outside of Cuba . Want to know more about the Cuban Forum Campaign? Are you interested in participating in this civic effort? YOU CAN CHANGE CUBA . Listen to Oswaldo’s proposal for the Campaign linked here and if you are interested get in touch with us to learn more about this truly transformative struggle that is developing in Cuba . Within and outside of Cuba , all Cubans form one people and it is up to the Cuban people to make the changes Cuba needs. Our time to act has come.” READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE and Listen to Oswaldo’s Proposal
Cuba Lashes out at “Ladies in White.

Reuters “Cuba launched a blistering attack on the wives of imprisoned dissidents on Tuesday April 22, accusing them of working with its arch-enemy, the United States , to subvert one-party socialist rule. The women, known as the “Ladies in White”, have staged an unprecedented series of small demonstrations since their husbands were arrested in a political crackdown in 2003 that landed 75 dissidents in prison on charges of working for the U.S. government. Fifty-five remain behind bars. On Monday, 10 of the women staged a sit-in next to Havana ‘s Revolution Square to demand that President Raul Castro’s government release their relatives. They were detained, put on a bus and driven home by police. Around 100 government supporters arrived at Monday’s sit-in shouting slogans and insults at the women and later helped police remove them, in some cases by dragging them to the bus.” READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE
European Parliament asks Havana to authorize the exit of Payá and the Ladies in White.

EFE “The European Parliament against asked the Cuban regime this Thursday to authorize dissident Oswaldo Payá and the Ladies in White to leave the country to explain in the European Union the situation on the island, EFE reports.”  READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE

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