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Fidel Castro My Life book review - opinion

Posted January 27, 2008 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

I am posting links to two book reviews on Fidel Castro’s new book, My Life, a dictated autobiography.

This one
Fidel Castro tells undiluted story in ‘My Life’
from Anita Snow of the Associated Press who has written increasingly ass-kissing articles about the Cuban government and this one Fidel’s View from the Miami Herald.

The Miami Herald is even too kind to the author of this propaganda. No one interviews Fidel. Fidel tells people what to ask and what to write. I guarantee you that Fidel edited the final draft.

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On January 27, 2008, publisher wrote:

Notice how Anita Snow just accepts everything Fidel says as the truth while the Miami Herald review cuts a little deeper and reads between the lines.

There probably isn’t anything in this book that was not “common knowledge” meaning the Cuban government’s official presentation of the “facts”.

Anyone who thinks that this book is important or revealing in some, does not know Fidel Castro or Cuba.

I hate to criticize books without reading them but I feel pretty comfortable that I am right on this one.