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Raul Castro Confirms the Creation of a New Parliament on February 24th

Posted January 21, 2008 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

In the early hours of Sunday January 20th, Cuba’s First Vice President Raul Castro voted in the island’s general elections.

In brief statements to the press, Raul Castro confirmed that the new Parliament will be elected next February 24th. “We initially thought of another date, March 5th, but there was another activity scheduled on that day and February 24th the island celebrates an anniversary of the proclamation of the Constitution, day of the beginning of the independence war, and that is why we chose it”.

On February 24th, the deputies to the National Assembly will designate the members and President of the Council of State.

The polling stations began at 7am Sunday morning throughout the country’s 14 provinces and special municipality of the Isle of Youth.

The members of Parliament will select the 31 members of the Council of State and these will then elect the President, First Vice President, five Vice Presidents and the Secretary of the entity.


Click on the Statements by Raul Castro:video to see video of Raul Castro voting then having a “press conference” Cuban style which means that one reporter asks softball questions with no audience or other reporters.

Watch the video after he votes and see how he interacts with the young boy at the polling station. Tell me if you think it’s a bit odd.

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