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Cubapolidata reports that Fidel Castro will not be re-elected President of Cuba

Posted January 06, 2008 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Spain’s National Intelligence Center believes Fidel Castro will be cast aside from power on March 5 when the new National Assembly is convened in which Army General Raul Castro will be given power, according to Diario Critico.

What will happen now? For the Spanish intelligence services there is no doubt: Fidel Castro will definitively leave power, which will open the door to a political transition on the island slowly, but assured.

Cuban sources sustain, because of health reasons, Fidel Castro will leave effectively the Presidency of the Council of State, however, he will not leave being unrepresented in the power structure.

Three theories are afloat in this regard:

  1. He will be separated from power but will remain as a type of non-executive counsel to the regime;
  2. He will maintain the rank in the Presidency of Council of State but with an executive character, a solution that will avoid future judicial problems, or
  3. The creation of an Honorary Presidency

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