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Free opinion is the principle of democracy

Posted November 26, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Question: Who said “Free opinion is a principle of democracy. That’s the only reason we don’t forbid any idea. And, what you see here is absolute free opinion , free rights and human rights”?

Answer: Fidel Castro in a video interview on July 28 1959.

Fidel then went on to say how he has not yet talked about nationalizing US companies. (We all know that Castro took the path away from free opinion and democracy.)

Manfredz, a regular reader who posts many balanced comments here, sent me the link to the one hour long video containing Fidel’s words that was shown on Canadian television recently. I thank him for sharing that video with me and I would post it here but it takes a very long time to download.

The video was very professional and did not come across as too political or slanted.

Thanks Manfredz.

Member Comments

On November 26, 2007, manfredz wrote:

yeah, that line got to me too.  Also the part with Fidel shaking hands with Richard Nixon.  Maybe History Channel in usa will show it too but I think its basically a one way street - American programs flood Canada but few Canadian programs make it south. ( At least you’re spared Little Mosque on the Prairie)...
but back to subject.  Don’t know if Fidel really meant it when he talked about freedom, democracy and non-nationalization or was just playing for time to consolidate his position fearing showing his cards too soon would lead to an American invasion…..  Funny how all too often freedom fighters become the next dictators.

On November 28, 2007, publisher wrote:

Thanks to Manfredz for posting the entire video “After Fidel” run on Canadian television here

It is more of a history lesson and description of the realities of Cuba today than it is a discussion or prediction of Cuba after Fidel but worth watching for all the scenes of Cuba.