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Raul Castro escorts Angola President from Varadero airport

Posted September 24, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Angolan President Eduardo Dos Santos was seen off on Sunday at Varadero international airport, in the Cuban western province of Matanzas, by the island’s First Vice President Raul Castro Ruz.
The farewell ceremony was also attended by Cuban Western Army Chief, Leopoldo Cintra Frias, the Cuban ambassador to Angola, Pedro Ross Leal and Angolan citizens living in the island.

Dos Santos arrived Saturday in Varadero, one of the main seaside resort centers in the island, where he was briefed on the development of tourism in Cuba by Minister of Tourism Manuel Marrero.

He had previously held a friendly meeting with Cuban President Fidel Castro, to whom he manifested his affection on behalf of the Angolan people.

During his four-day visit to the island, Dos Santos met with a number of high-ranking Cuban officials and signed several bilateral cooperation agreements in the fields of education, healthcare, energy, construction, tourism and sports.

Member Comments

On September 24, 2007, publisher wrote:

Does this article and photo seem a little odd to you?

I think some “reading between the lines” is in order here.

1. Raul is making sure that the Angolan President does not speak to reporters about his visit with Fidel Castro.

2. Raul wants to make sure the Angolan President only sees the VERY BEST that Varadero has to offer.

3. Raul wanted to distract the President from wondering why there are no black people in Varadero except maybe the ones behind the bar and cleaning the rooms.

Lastly, what’s the love affair with Angola. Didn’t Fidel send Cuban troops there in the 1970s? What does Angola have that Fidel, and now Raul, wants.

That’s my question.

On September 24, 2007, abh wrote:

Doesn’t seem odd to me.  As you say, Cuba sent troops there, so Angola is grateful.  I don’t know of any material things that Angola has that Cuba wants; I think it’s more of a relationship of solidarity and symbolism than anything else. 

Also the Angolan president was quoted in the press about his visit with Fidel.

On September 25, 2007, cubanpete wrote:

About the only other nations supporting Cuba are those in even worse shape than Cuba is, in the hopes of securing whatever foreign aid is available prior to the regime change.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for a President from the European Community to pay a state visit.