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The first “evergreen” Reflection of Fidel Castro is published

Posted August 17, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

As readers of the Havana Journal know, we have been reading many reports about Fidel’s worsening condition and maybe even death. This latest “Reflection” makes me wonder even more if now the “evergreen” Reflections have begun.

Expect Reflections on the Embargo, Guantanamo, Consumerism, Posada, the Cuban Five, and any other timeless issues that the ghost of Fidel Castro can report on. Here’s the latest Reflection that screams “Fidel is dead” to me.

Fidel: Guantánamo Naval Base a Constant Threat

Havana, August 17 (RHC) - Cuban President Fidel Castro condemned the US Naval Base in Guantánamo as a violation of Cuba’s sovereignty and a permanent focus of threat and provocation, in an in depth analysis of the issue published Friday.

The base, on usurped territory in Cuba’s easternmost province, “has always formed part of Washington’s plans to overthrow the Revolutionary Government,” wrote the Cuban leader.

Reflecting on the matter in the third and final part of his extended essay The Empire and the Independent Island, published in Cuban newspapers, Fidel stated that all manner of aggressions have come from the naval base.

He specified that between 1962 and 1996, 8,288 violations were registered including 6,345 aerial, 1,333 naval and 610 territorial violations.

“US authorities declared they did not want a migratory crisis in the proclamation to the Cuban people made on July 31st 2006,” Fidel went on.

“But they are taking preventative measures to prepare for it,” he added, “priding themselves on the use of the Guantánamo Naval Base as a concentration camp for illegal immigrants intercepted at sea.”


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On August 27, 2007, publisher wrote:

Yet another “evergreen” Reflection from the ghost of Fidel Castro. This one is titled

Remembering Chibás, 100 years after his birth

Yeah. Sure.

First of all I have my doubts that Fidel wrote this and even if he did, I seriously doubt that he wrote it on Saturday just hours after the recent flare up of rumors about his death.

Fidel can’t even show respect to his people in his dying days.