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Yet another Reflection from the ghost of Fidel Castro

Posted August 15, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Prensa Latina

Fidel Castro Reflects on Cuba’s History

Havana, Aug 15 (Prensa Latina) President Fidel Castro stated Wednesday that the history of Cuba in the last 140 years is the struggle to preserve national identity and independence.

In his article “The Empire and the Independent Island,” Fidel Castro tackles the evolution of the empire in the northern nation, based on history and Washington’s perennial intention to appropriate Cuba, including when Spain had dominance.

“The genesis,” writes the statesman “begins with a doctrine known as ripe fruit, formulated in 1823 by then Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, later president of the United States.

The main idea was that the newly American Union would inevitably achieve, by law of political gravitation, appropriation of the Caribbean island when it broke colonial subordination to Spain.

The Cuban leader first refers to the interference of the US army in the Cuban independence war against the Spanish power and after, the “imposition of the Platt Amendment as an appendix of the Cuban Neocolonial Constitution of 1901.”

The island’s president summarizes the attitude and active participation of politician and soldiers from the neighboring nation, among them William McKinley, Leonard Word, Theodore Roosevelt, Elihu Root and Orville H. Platt, in incidents that led to Cuba’s subjection to Washington.

In contrast to those, Fidel Castro counterpoints Manuel Sanguily, Juan Gualberto Gomez and other Cuban patriots who “maintained the most severe criticism of the Platt Amendment.”

The worst of the Amendment was the hypocrisy, deception, Machiavellianism and cynicism in the plan to dominate Cuba, to the point of publicly proclaiming the same arguments of Quincy Adams arguments, he writes.

According to Fidel Castro, these reflections, which will continue in the coming days, are especially for new generations, so that they learn very important facts and decisions on the fate of our homeland.

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Member Comments

On August 15, 2007, publisher wrote:

LMAO as they say. I mean, c’mon people.

How can the Cuban government release this crap to the public and actually think that anyone

a. reads it?

b. thinks Fidel Castro actually wrote it?

c. cares?

What a sad joke. Whether Fidel is recuperating, dying or already dead, this crap is really sad. It’s sad on many levels.

It’s sad because the government (or Fidel) actually thinks people are reading this.

It’s sad because the leader of 11 million people is just a ghost of his former self.

It’s sad because information flows freely across country boundries at the speed of light so the world is a more open place yet the Cuban government think so little of their own people that they are stupid enough to read this crap.

Unfortunately, this just might go on for months until someone deep inside has the balls to stand up and say “enough is enough” and “can we PLEASE move on now?”.

On August 16, 2007, Cindi Jenkins wrote:

Here is a link to a great article on Fidel Castro that is definitely worth reading:

On August 16, 2007, publisher wrote:

Here we go again. I thought you propagandists were taking a break now that your guy is out of the picture or didn’t they tell you yet?

On August 24, 2007, cubanpete wrote:

Making Cuba a Soviet satellite was hardly conducive to maintaining Cuba’s national identity and independence.  One can’t run a nation on catchy anti-American slogans alone.

On August 26, 2007, publisher wrote:

See, Fidel is alive. He just wrote this Chibás al cumplirse 100 años de su natalicio last night.

And the content is so current too…NOT. I’ll post the English version when it is available.

On August 27, 2007, publisher wrote:

Yet another “evergreen” Reflection from the ghost of Fidel Castro. This one is titled

Remembering Chibás, 100 years after his birth

Yeah. Sure.

First of all I have my doubts that Fidel wrote this and even if he did, I seriously doubt that he wrote it on Saturday just hours after the recent flare up of rumors about his death.

Fidel can’t even show respect to his people in his dying days.