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Fidel on the brink of Death - story from Nuevo Accion

Posted August 08, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Translated by Roberto Coven (many thanks Rob) edited by Publisher


Edition of Wednesday August 8, 2007

The dying Cuban dictator has already entered the terminal phase of his disease and his family as well as top leaders of the tyranny is aware that he is in his final days, in spite of medical doctors trying to do the impossible and prolong his life.

It was thought that the senior dictator had been removed from CiMEQ and taken to his house in Jaimanitas, but the plans had to be changed to then take him to the Casa 12 de Protocolo because in the house in Jaimanitas the bedrooms are on the second floor and Fidel wasn’t in any condition to climb the stairs.  For that reason he went to the Casa 12 de Protocolo (on the southwest part of Laguito right in front of the house of the Ambassador of Spain to Cuba) from where they urgently removed him from Cimeq, because his condition had worsened to an alarming state.

Responsibly we announce to our readers that we are not speculating. This is information of recent hours delivered to us that in truth are close to where these events are occurring.

The same source told us as evidence that the death of the dictator is a moment to moment wait, the security personnel of Fidel Castro is being scattered and that many have been transferred to other units.

In middle and lower leadership it is being said that possible the old tyrant is already clinically dead and on life support, meanwhile the “heirs” search for the best opportunity to remove life support and announce his death.

Member Comments

On August 08, 2007, publisher wrote:

Who knows, maybe just another plot by Fidel to weed out the dissenters giving false hope to those who are waiting to rise up.

However, notice these comments from Raul’s daughter from this story from the Miami Herald on Monday.

“The concern that we all had about losing our leader is now closer to us”


“For the first time, the people are taking stock of his [Fidel’s] process of aging, the process that the revolution has to continue without him, be it with my father or with other leaders who will come, who will emerge, because at times leaders appear when you least imagine it.”

Why would she even question her father’s position of leadership?

On August 08, 2007, Cuban American wrote:

This isn’t really much of a surprise, his absense at the July 26 celebration and other important dates was a clear signal that despite what peole were saying his health was not improving. 

As for the comments by his daughter, it is my understanding that the youth of cuba isn’t fond of the current leadership.  So who knows what is going to happen.

On August 08, 2007, manfredz wrote:

One positive thing that can come out of this is we may know a little better what sources we can believe as this scenario plays out.