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July 2007 OFAC Civil Penalty Notices for US Embargo Cuba violations

Posted July 13, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Politics.

Release of Civil Penalties Information

ENTITIES - 31 CFR 501.805 (d)(1)(i)

LogicaCMG Inc. Settles Cuban Assets Control Allegations: LogicaCMG Inc. Lexington, MA

(LogicaCMG), has remitted $220,000.00 to settle allegations of violations of the Cuban Assets Control Regulations by a predecessor corporation, CMG Telecommunications, Inc. (CMG), occurring during 2001. OFAC alleged that CMG procured, assembled, and exported a computer system, as well as provided technical support for the system after export, with knowledge that the goods and services were ultimately destined for Cuba and that such exports to Cuba were prohibited. CMG did not have an OFAC license to engage in these transactions, and CMG did not voluntarily disclose this matter to OFAC. LogicaCMG, Inc. did not perform the acts itself; it is a successor company to CMG as a result of merger and related transactions effective in January 2003.

INDIVIDUALS – 31 CFR 501.805 (d)(1)(ii)

One individual has agreed to a settlement totaling $10,000 for alleged travel-related transactions incident to travel to Cuba: From May through December 2002, the individual engaged in travel-related transactions, including the purchase of food and lodging. The individual traveled to and from Cuba through a third country.

One individual has agreed to a settlement totaling $2,892.75 for allegedly dealing in property in which Cuba or a Cuban national had an interest: On December 30, 2004, May 29, 2005, February 28, 2006, March 28, 2006, August 21, 2006, and September 14, 2006, the individual purchased Cuban-origin cigars offered for sale on the Internet. The individual did not voluntarily disclose this matter to OFAC.

One individual was assessed a penalty totaling $200.00 for allegedly dealing in property in which Cuba or a Cuban national had an interest: On or about October 14, 2003,

February 27, 2003, May 23, 2003 and November 3, 2003, the individual sent four payments for the purchase of Cuban-origin cigars offered for sale on the Internet. The individual did not voluntarily disclose this matter to OFAC

Legal Note:

Information concerning the civil penalty process is discussed in OFAC regulations governing the various sanctions programs or, in the case of sanctions regulations issued
pursuant to the Trading with the Enemy Act, in 31 CFR part 501. Civil penalty procedures are also discussed in OFAC’s proposed Enforcement Guidelines, 68 FR 4422 - 4429 (January 29, 2003).

Read the Cuba Sanctions page from the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control

Member Comments

On July 15, 2007, Ed wrote:

C’mon, the only reason the blockade is in place is to try and bring down the Cuban government…why not just admit it?

“A MAGAZINE for lovers of expensive cigars has hit out at the US Treasury Department for continuing to spend federal funds chasing people for buying Cuban cigars. “Stop wasting our time and money chasing cigar smokers,” ‘Cigar Aficianado’ said in an editorial in its June issue. The premium cigars, which are hand-rolled in Cuba, are considered the world’s finest, but they are banned in the United States under a trade embargo which was adopted in 1962 to undermine Cuban leader Fidel Castro’s communist government. ”

On July 15, 2007, manfredz wrote:

wow a penalty of all of $200.- for one party ....  thats gonna be a real deterrent. 
Rememebr the old Phil Ochs song:  “You are living in the free world, In the free world you must stay.”

Lifting the embargo is way overdue;  lets see if Cuba returns by freeing some political prisoners and the ball might start rolling.

On July 15, 2007, Ed wrote:

Yeah, I agree Manfredz…

The blockade is costing the Cuban economy billions of dollars. That money simply isn’t going to be used to line the pockets of government, it will be chanelled into building vital infrastructure and improving the lives of the Cuban people. What’s the problem?

On July 16, 2007, publisher wrote:

Even with the democrats now in Congress, I am not sure that the Embargo will be lifted till 2009. No party wants to mess with the Cuban American vote in Florida.

Why Cuban Americans support a travel ban on themselves to see family in Cuba always bothers me.

Anyway, you can also talk about the Embargo and OFAC over here in the Embargo or Bloqueo Forum

On July 17, 2007, manfredz wrote:

“Why Cuban Americans support a travel ban on themselves to see family in Cuba always bothers me”

publisher ...might be related to the fact that the bloodiest wars are usually civil wars ... never made sense to me but fact of life .....

On July 24, 2007, El Americanito wrote:

There is a better answer.  The Cubans who came to the US in the 60s and 70s have by now brought over most of their families.  They have no one left to visit, no one that they help with money or medicine, and no one that is suffering.  And these same Cubans are the majority of the VOTING Cuban American community.  Proportationately fewer of the later refugees are citizens and can vote.  Polls show that the majority of these later refugees oppose the travel ban.  Also, the 2nd and 3rd generations of Cuban Americans oppose the travel ban, but like most younger people in American fewer of them vote.

On July 24, 2007, manfredz wrote:

kind of sad, especially when they are now in a country where a vote can influence things a lot more than in the country they left.

I keep comparing cuba and germany (fairly and unfairly - since i was most familiar with it during the cold war days) but there right until the end, West Germans had relatives in the east that they helped and the west german governement always tried to have policies that minimized negative impact on the population whenever they tried to hurt the east german state.

Do you think that the american cubans feel vindictive towards those still in cuba or is this a misconception i sometimes feel?

On July 24, 2007, publisher wrote:

It’s the other way around. Cubans in Cuba resent their countrymen who leave the island.

Cuban Americans send lots of money to relatives in Cuba but the old Cuban exiles who have no relatives in Cuba could care less about the Cuban people. They may not admit it but their support for the Embargo and hatred of Fidel proves it.

On July 24, 2007, El Americanito wrote:

Right, many of the old guard are embittered, calous people, so filled with hatred toward Fidel that they are blind to the suffering they support.  To some extent they look down on those who have been stuck behind.
And unlike the German gov’t ours has pursued a policy that intentionally increases the suffering in the people of Cuba.  How can you claim that a policy is intended to hurt only the gov’t and not the people, when in June 04, the US banned gift parcels from being sent by Cuban Americans to their families in Cuba?  That’s just one example.

On May 29, 2008, publisher wrote:

We just posted the May 2008 OFAC civil penalties report showing nearly $9000 in fines just for buying Cuban cigars over the internet.

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